Youtube promotion expert, SEO and video editing services for hire (trending worldwide)

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I can promote your youtube video and bring real high retention views, so that your video gets traction and ranks top position in google. I am helping all individuals and small business owners worldwide to get more exposure, leads, enquiries and phone calls using video marketing. We also contact them, who have some kind of marketing potential, and by improving their visibility on youtube for their skills or talent, will bring lot of benefits.

So, I can drive traffic to your videos and get 5000 high retention views, within 2 days. For 100K views, it will take upto a week. If you need more volume, contact me. A youtube video with lot of views, naturally attracts a lot of laser targeted visitors and we have seen lot of success stories. With people spending hours or hangout in youtube, this is the best platform, you should never miss. A UK dancer, yoga teacher, gym instructor, a doctor and many service based professions have achieved popularity within a week. Leverage the power of youtube and a top video means serious business.

We have helped all individuals  and small business owners to get success using youtube.Youtube has 1 billion + active users monthly and is the second largest search engine after google. Once your video receives initial traction and views, using my promotional strategy, it naturally attracts lots of laser targeted leads from google and youtube, becoming stronger and stronger and google awards page 1 of google and youtube, depending upon the strength and viewership of the video.  I can also get 100K to 1 million real high retention video views, within few days. Contact me, we can have a discussion regarding this.


We contact individuals, small business owners worldwide and any business with marketing potential and help them to become top authority in their chosen field. Each and every city, niche, industry is different. I need to analyse the competation first and need to do more promotion to get high retention video views from targeted audience and get all neccessary social signals than the competation. This is neccessary to get laser targeted visitors from google.

For a video to get ranked naturally, it takes months or a year to get ranked on page 1 using normal and organic traffic from search engines. Using my method, your video can rank no 1 on youtube and google in 3 days, provided you allow us to do the project, as per the quote provided. Internet is a game of algorithms. Understand its pattern, you can climb faster or be no 1 in search engines.
In the recent days, I have increased the stakes by spending by own fund, to see any ranking opportunities.(for small and local business owners)

Contact me on skype or whatsapp. We need to have a discussion first. Each and every video is different.

Skype id: mailharsha08
Whatsapp/ phone +91 7736569514

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Once your youtube video, is shown on page 1 or local searches, you can enjoy natural and organic traffic for life. Because folks search on google, with serious buying intent. Your product or service should be visible for their buyer or midas keyword. You can contact me on whatsapp or skype voice call, if you need a clear picture. This is something very big.

Videos with text, graphics and transitions are the rage now on youtube, twitter and facebook. Based on my analysis with normal videos and videos with rich text, moving or scrolling text, a good  background music, transitions, effects, get more subscribers, engagement and has a probability to get more shares and go viral. I can create such videos say from 30 sec to 1 min or 5 minutes and you can post these videos on youtube, facebook, website highlighting your expertise. People have short attention span, and videos convert better than content. Contact me, I will provide a quote for the same.



Optional services.

We can also create a video commercial for 1 minute. We are associated with lot of small time artists across globe. They can speak about your product, brand or services. Video marketing is the rage now, and your competation is using this to get phone calls, sales, enquiries and conversions. Otherwise, you are just leaving a lot of money on the table.  Video commercials, animation videos, screencast videos, whiteboard videos anything we can get it done for you, without lifting a finger. Let us know the requirement and we can have discussion.


Animation service provider for your products, services, business

This 2D/3D hollywood style animated videos are in big demand
worldwide. A video about your brand, service or product
rules the internet and it is a must in today’s age.

Youtube is the second largest search engine, and people
always look on youtube, before contacting any business,
products or services. An animated video of 2 to 3 minutes will bring new leads for you.


Animation video improves the conversion of your websites, mesmerises your audience, speaks 1000 times better than content. People come back again for more information and these services are in big demand worldwide.

You can host animated videos about your business online on youtube or embed it on your website and its like a virtual real estate, a virtual salesman speaking on your behalf 24/7.

Real estate professionals, sales person, internet marketer, advertisor, marketer, DIY manuals, dentist, lawyers, plumber, electrician, local business owners, ecommerce and many categories. there is a big market for these services.
Contact me for the pricing.

whatsapp or phone call me directly for more information.

Skype id: mailharsha08
Whatsapp/ phone +91 7736569514

Email id: