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This is Harsha,from Kochi India.
I have managed many youtube channels for my clients, both big and small. Youtube is the biggest media outlet in the world. Your customers, prospects and leads hangout there everytime. The problem is there is lot of competation, saturated, lot of established channels in your niche. To counter that, we have studied top 5 channels in your niche or category, how they are doing differently, what kind of content they are talking about, the graphical elements, length of video, frequency of posting, say everyday, once in  a week or once in 1 or 2 months. It is quality content which matters.

I can help you with video production, research, shooting videos, video quality, audio quality, lighting setup and arrangement, green screen backdrop and frame and proper lighting,  coach you on how to use video editor properly, with just 3 days. You will become a pro in video editing, which attracts more views and subscribers, so that people watch your video from beginning to end,
which helps in watch time, views, subscribers, comments, shares, reactions, embeds, which directly sends signals to youtube algorithm, your video is popular and they rank you higher and even recommened in suggested videos, which brings lots of viral traffic. Remember, youtube has changed a lot since 2010.
The old tricks people use to get more views, subscribers, may not work. Youtube algorithm is getting smarter and there are more than 200+ youtube algorithms, which looks after various metrics and parameters to rank a video higher in youtube searches and also in youtube searches.

Youtube marketing consultant India

I will also teach you, on how to run ads for youtube videos, for dirt cheap clicks. It is necessary in the beginning to get more views and subscribers. Don’t create a video for youtube algorithm, instead create a video, people love to watch from beginning to end, watch it again and again, people share it, comment on it, interact with them, share with their friends, on various social media platforms.

Learning from mistakes. When I got started with youtube on 2014, I have made many mistakes. I wish I had a mentor, and could have
send lot of time and money on trial and error, right gadgets. I still remember that day, when I created a 7 min length video explaining about my website and another stock market services one. Within few hours, I was
surprised, to see many new members in my email list and 60% of them convereted to a sale for my offer, when I sent a newsletter email. I thought this is the next big thing and use to create videos about software, which people want, how to use it in English, the fastest way possible and highlighting the important points.I got many offers for partnerships, phone calls, casual enquiries. Some people even met me in person to know more about youtube marketing.

Youtube community is very powerful. There is always an audience for any niche. You just need to be different to stand out. I have collaborated with many and passed on my youtube channel with many subscribers, views, watch time, high quality audience to many people intereted in that audience.
Channel category matters. I can tell you what kind of videos go viral. Give you an youtube channel audit, like what to improve, create eye catching thumbnails, meta data, tags, interest seeking titles, create a high quality video, edit it, add neccessary graphic elements, blur face and body if neccessary.

There are many things to learn. I was shy about facing camera for years, because I had acne problem and I met a cosmetic surgeon, which cleared my acne and baldness problem, in just 2 weeks. I was confidant, created lot of videos and I always reinvent myself, learn something new everyday, like what if I had graphic elements to this video, Closed captions and sub titles – I saw a small boost in ranking, learning how to create eye catching thunbnails, because that is what drives people to click your video.

Youtube algorithm is very smarter. It looks after views, subscribers, high engagement rate, watch time, comments, watch time, audience retention report, before ranking your video higher in youtube search engines, for many phrases and keywords. Sometimes this video even pops up in google search and you will get lion share of traffic.

Optimisation and research:

Keyword research and optimisation is the key. Knowing about the trends can help you to get most views and subscribers and even potential to go viral by related or suggested videos. Timing is the key. Optimisation is about adding right titles, which gets clicks, eye catching thumnails, first 5 sentences of description,
adding content in description, writing what the video is all about, creating closed captions and sub titles for people having difficultly in hearing you, so that can watch it in library, during commuting and also gives seo boost to the video.

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