Website data recovery service + clone any website (80% success rate)

  1. I have developed a special software (underground), which can crawl all the data from expired websites. I want to keep this top secret. So far, I am having 80% success rate.
website data recovery service
website data recovery service

So, how this will help you?
Possible Scenarios

1. Domain expired and failed to renew it
2. No data backup and can’t restore it.
3. Change of mind and client wants the website up and running,after few months
but has no backup to restore website (dont need old domain)
4. Site infected by virus, malware, hacked and all data lost (no backup situation)
5. DDOS or competitor attack and site is down.

So, how can you help me? (assuming you have no backup to restore)

1. First let me know the name of website affected. My special software can extract all the webpages, data in seconds (its like magic)
So far, I am doing this for top clients and agencies, who are desperate, depressed. The moment, I restore all the data using this magic, they are very elated, excited, joy and have no words to thank me.  (note 80% success rate)
There are few exceptions for certain website. (rare cases)
It doesn’t matter you have dropped the website 5 yrs and even 10 yrs old.
My magic software, can extract all the data, like a brand new site.

If my software detects it, I will notify you within few minutes and it will crawl all over internet and magically restores your website, like a brand new one.  People will pay you anything for this. Say I cam even charge $500 or more for this. But I want to be very generous and this technology is god sent to increase my reputation.

$50 is reasonable price for this service (I hope, people are happy to pay that)
Anything, any questions, even pricing, we can have discussion.


Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514



2. Clone any website service (80% success rate)

Clone any website, built on any platform like html, wordpress, joomla.

You can browse these cloned websites online, download as an email attachment, upload to any website, modify and alter its elements and make it unique.

clone copy website service
clone copy website service


So how does this works?

Step 1: Just provide me the URL of the website and wait for few minutes.

I have a special software, which I have built using secret algorithms, which detects the pattern and can make a exact copy of the same one, which can be instantly hosted as a new website on a new domain.

So far, we have 80% success rate for 80% of websites on internet.

We also change the basic elements, layout, logo to make it unique. (if appropriate)

Just saw a website on internet, which caught your attention. Loved the layout, theme and want a similar copy of website to start your own business. I can help you on this. Note: 10 to 20% of websites on internet cannot be cloned for some reasons and I will let you know this immediately, say within 10 minutes.

2. What is the cost?

I would like to put the price reasonable for this service. $50 is the starting price.

Others charge $250 or more for this service. If the no of pages on a website, are less than 20 pages, it can be cloned and hosted on new domain within a hour.

Any other concerns, please let me know. We can have a talk. Also, if you are a consultant, agency you can advertise this service as your own and earn a couple of hundered dollars in the process. (service in big demand). I will look after the technical part. You don’t need to lift a finger. Just find the client or like minded people and refer me. I will look after the rest.


Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514






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