why is my website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines? l India l India I can help you.

You have brought a new domain and hosted a brand new website, hoping search engines will index it and bring traffic. An average person or a complete newbie, thinks so. l India

Trust me, I know how frustating it is, when I got started. Depending upon how competative the niche is, search engines can take weeks or months to just index a site and it’s pages. But you don’t need to wait any longer. We can index any content within a hour. (Make sure the content is of good quality, highly engaging to visitors for additional boost, shares and lot of referral traffic and backlinks, if people share it.) l India

why is my website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines? I can help you. Solution? 

I have a method to index your new or old website instantly on google and other search engines. I just takes less than a hour, using this method. We just tell search engines, we have a new website and content and bots and crawlers will instantly crawl it. I hope you are familiar with google webmaster guidelines ie, google only indexes high quality pages in its database. Content is still the kind. A lot of other factors also play like authority and how aged the domain is, for bots to be crawled frequently. l India

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Cost: $25 (to instantly index upto 15 pages)

Things needed from you to get started? 

  1. A google account, to add website to webmaster tools. I need username and password. ( Create a seperate account for this purpose)

2. Your web hosting cpanel username and password.

3. Your CMS username and password.

That’s all. I will look after the rest. We can have  a discussion for few minutes on whatsapp and skype voice calls, so that you will get a clear picture.

Note: There are some cases, where google will tell us to fix the issue of webpage, say malware, hacking issues, duplicate content or any hidden issues. In that case, I will suggest certain simple modifications to page and we can submit such pages later. We always follow google webmaster guidelines. l India

We will also fix any sitemap issues, robots.txt and AMP for a small fee. (Imp for new and old websites for visibility in search engines. 


why is my new or old website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines?

Google only indexes high quality pages,which provides some content or value by default which is helpful to visitors. Few pages or posts, not been indexed is perfectly normal. You need to work on content of pages and fix any errors on google webmaster tools, if appropriate. It is the technical part. We can do the indexing part for you. l India

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