Video editing services – looks cinematic, epic and professional l India

Most of them approach me, on how to edit videos, add different effects, make a video look cinematic, particularly new youtubers and those who just get started out with youtube videos and even even experienced people. You need to capture the attention of viewers within 15 seconds, otherwise they will move somewhere who can give them quality content or what they are searching. l India

I also provide voiceover services particularly in English (neutral accent). We make sure the audio quality is higher, the voice is higher. You can get away with bad video quality, but if audio is not clear or louder, people just live. Audio is very important, when it come to youtube. Your smartphone or dslr inbuilt microphones are limited, and a professional mic is suggested if you are series. l India

So the important elements for shooting videos are subject (that is you, the makeup, personality and apperance. I know many tricks to look beautiful on camera, doesnt matter skin color or complexion or full body dimensions. Dont lose confidence and self esteem on camera.), the lighting conditions, whether natural light, daylight or using artifial lights, the audio quality very very important. Many newbies are ignoring audio and they get less subscribers. There are many catergories like cooking, makeup, beauty, tech reviews, unboxing, demonstration, experiments, where the audio should be louder and high quality. l India

It is better you contact me, before shooting videos, so that I can give you suggestions, so then only video editing for videos is possible. I many those videos which shows your face, personality, full body. There are many camera angles and camera movements to know for this. So communication with me is very important. The frame rates, resolution, focus ranges, white balance and most important camera settings.  l India

For videos showing only computer screen, demo of software we just have simple tips for the same. 

So the most requested video editing services are :

Make face and skin look beautiful on video. Many cinematic effects, make video look like movie, blur face, body and certain objects on video (for interviews), remove or hide object from video, make videos vintage, black and white, fast forward videos, reverse videos, videos in slow motion. l India

Add images in video like chatbox, like, subscribe, social media profiles, requesting certain actions like visiting website banners, youtube comment on video, adding images on screen for more clarity to viewers and more engaging, add 50:50 videos like a vehicle moving and you transparent on video, add transparent images on videos, add various graphics, vectors, icons. l India

Editing audio clarity and add background music if appropriate. Background music we only suggest if your showing nature, outdoor, and not explaining on frame. Otherwise keep background music low when explaining things.

Export videos in mp4, avi, 3gp (version for mobile devices). Resolution in 720p, HD quality, 1080p. The best export settings for youtube videos.

Cut a video at certain points, delete bad or sample shots, jump cuts, add color to various objects in videos, make videos look epic and cinematic (only possible if you listen to us before shooting), add text, various texts, scrolling text on videos, explain videos along with texts at both top and bottom to look more epic.

I also have lot of experience in photography, videography, film making and cinematography. (basic and intermediate level). If you are starting a youtube channel of any topics, covering various camera shots from all angles, different frames and landscapes, at different lighting conditions, I can help with the project. The quality of video brings you more views, subscribers, lot of opportunities, partnerships, deals if done correctly for various niches.

Makeup tricks, green screen, SFX, VFX. If you lack self esteem and lack confidence on camera, or not confident about your beauty and looks, I can make you look more beautiful. (dark skin, acne, pimples, skin color is not an issue. I can make you look beautiful on camera. I just need a photo or 30 second video full length on how you look on frame or videos and can send you whether color can be enhanced or not. 

I provide all these services for a fee, cheaper than market rates. We are available on voice and video calls on skype and whatsapp, as if we are speaking in person. I also give consulting on various cheap equipments to buy, many tricks and DIY if you are on budget.

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