Top secret spy services in industry (must see)



1. Facebook ads database (in big demand worldwide)

A compilation of highly converting ads in facebook database. Most of the popular niches or categories are covered here. Have a look at the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10


Create professional facebook campaigns in few clicks,
using this special software.

No more spending hours and days finding the best variation for your ad campaign.
No need to spend money buying expensive stock photos or graphics for ads– find them FOR FREE.
Never again will you have to hire Virtual assistants, image editors, or graphics guys to make ad images.
No more working with multiple tools and sleepless nights to test best ad variations.
No need to make any HUGE investments to get results (of both time and money).
No life-draining tech or pro skills required – this is simple & easy.
No More Fear of failed Campaigns.
No More Pain of Losing Money on Testing Ad Campaigns

2. Native ads + shopify  database (in big demand worldwide)

Native ads are used for advertising in popular websites. Serious advertisors know native websites traffic is worth in gold.

Shopify is used by all modern day ecommerce owners, and using this database is similar to using a crystal ball and choose winning products in your store. Watch the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10

3. Facebook ads + instagram ads + video ads spy database (in big demand worldwide)

Facebook and instagram is used by all business owners in the world. This database will give a clear idea, what ads your competitors are promoting, the engagement, duration, targeting option, country, likes/comments/shares and more. Watch the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10

Contact me directly if interested. Serious people only.

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Facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads database spy service (top service provider worldwide)

Per day access = $10 only

Contact me directly if interested.

Every serious advertisor/marketer knows the power of facebook.
But the catch is, 95% of business owners just run an ad blindly, and hopes for the best. They end up, coughing more money for the ad and they give up.

Only 5% of the guys do the smart way. And they don’t want to share this knowledge. To determine a successful ad for facebook , requires weeks or months of trail and error and what we call it as “split testing”.

Facebook is very powerful and I personally helped my clients to sell their products or services,get email optins, fill a form for travel and luxury companies, sell real estate, cars and more.

spy facebook instagram competitor ads database
spy facebook instagram competitor ads database

Alright, what service do you provide?

I have a facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads ads database spy software (for agencies only), which can spy any ads in these database.
This is completely ethical, legal and  instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads approves it. They want business owners to invest money on ads, in their platform. That is the way, they make revenue.

This special agency software can give information like your competation ads, their landing pages, country where the ad is run, the demography, male/female, age , industry ,money spent on ads. This information is top secret. We get insights of any winning ads on facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads for any product, services or niche.

We can also get information about winning facebook video ads with the above mentioned parameters. Instagram ads are very popular and is the cheapest and quickest way to showcase products or services and get traffic to your store. Instagram video ads are also very popular.

Cost of this service: $50 for 30 minutes session on skype or teamviewer.
Please enable voice call/ audio for communication. (no texting/chatting)
Voice/Video calls only. Any concerns, we can have a discussion. Please let me know.

Alright, I am already familiar with facebook ads and I run ads frequently? How this will help me?

See database of winning and successful winning ads is very important in todays age.
Competitors use to spy on other advertisors, on what they are doing, how much money they spend on advertising, the demography and more. But with internet, the job is 100 times more easier.

I myself have run ads worth $3000 or more blindly, and coughed up a lot of money in 2 years. If I had used this service before, I could have dramatically saved a lot on facebook campaigns. You can spy successful tee spring campaigns, what other affiliates are doing, high ticket products,
which ad is getting lot of likes, shares, comments and the duration the ad is run and all insights.

We just copy our competitor success and replicate the same.
If you need any help, I can create a similar landing page they have, slightly different pixel or banners, graphics and ad copy. (for a small fee)
Your competitor have spent lot of time, money, efforts to understand the winning ad and we are just tweaking their campaigns to our benefit.

Unfair advantage!! In real world , advertising platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads, brochure, flyers, word of mouth you can’t get these kind of analytics and statistics.


No wasted money
Virtually no time spent in weeks and months of spilit testing
Instantly jump right in or get on board with this secret information.
Increase the odds of winning campaigns.
Safe bet and risk worthy game.
Facebook  + instagram + video ads  allows ads less than $2 to $5 to run per day
(you can pause it, stop ad or delete ad anytime)
Too much flexibility and convenience.

Contact me directly on phone, skype and whatsapp whatever and we can schedule a session.

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Skype id: mailharsha08