New game: Rank your sites no 1 in unlimited cities(pure gamble)

New game: Rank your sites no 1 in unlimited cities(pure gamble)

Hi, Past few years I am dabbling a lot with seo, and found some great insights, where google ranks certain elements like videos and certain websites overnight. I beleive we can have certain control over google with this knowledge. The bots and  crawlers are looking for secret codes in your website.
You may have built a flashy website, spent a lot of money on it, but bots cant understand what’s written inside an image, content inside video, graphical elements. I have seen many websites with only video and graphical websites, of course it looks nice to viewers eyes, but google  cant index them properly or understand what the site or blog is all about?

Target market: all service business, agencies, consultants, dentists, lawyers, plumbers and more. If you are the person spending money on google adwords,
we can increase the odds of ranking that keyword.

The webpages will stick to page 1 for many months for medium and less competative industries. Google changes algorithms and things over time and I have discovered a secret trick since 1 month and ranking my clients websites like crazy in page 1 (1 to 3 positions) for multiple cities.
They have seen a dramatic increase in sales, phone calls, enquiries and conversions.
So what are you going to do?
I have a special agency software (top secret) which creates a database of all cities and popular towns in that country. Creates a unique page in google for each city. There are certain towns and cities where there is no competation in google for certain service based business and profession. I will add secret code to these pages, index them, syndicate them if appropriate and we can later check in google, say out of 500+ cities, for how many cities my websites are ranked in page 1.

I will also send you all the URLs of each city. Say 500 URLs for 500 cities.I suggest to use a new domain and hosting for this game.

This is called “market domination”
Capturing the entire market for buyer keyword. Yes, it is possible for medium and less competation niches. (pure gamble)

Domains can be brought for as less as $5 (name of domain doesnt matter)

I know secret hosting providers, who can provide hosting for
$10 per year (with unlimited resources)
Contact me directly on whatsapp and skype voice calls if interested.


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