Youtube promotion expert, SEO and video editing services for hire (trending worldwide)

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I can promote your youtube video and bring real high retention views, so that your video gets traction and ranks top position in google. I am helping all individuals and small business owners worldwide to get more exposure, leads, enquiries and phone calls using video marketing. We also contact them, who have some kind of marketing potential, and by improving their visibility on youtube for their skills or talent, will bring lot of benefits.

So, I can drive traffic to your videos and get 5000 high retention views, within 2 days. For 100K views, it will take upto a week. If you need more volume, contact me. A youtube video with lot of views, naturally attracts a lot of laser targeted visitors and we have seen lot of success stories. With people spending hours or hangout in youtube, this is the best platform, you should never miss. A UK dancer, yoga teacher, gym instructor, a doctor and many service based professions have achieved popularity within a week. Leverage the power of youtube and a top video means serious business.

We have helped all individuals  and small business owners to get success using youtube.Youtube has 1 billion + active users monthly and is the second largest search engine after google. Once your video receives initial traction and views, using my promotional strategy, it naturally attracts lots of laser targeted leads from google and youtube, becoming stronger and stronger and google awards page 1 of google and youtube, depending upon the strength and viewership of the video.  I can also get 100K to 1 million real high retention video views, within few days. Contact me, we can have a discussion regarding this.


We contact individuals, small business owners worldwide and any business with marketing potential and help them to become top authority in their chosen field. Each and every city, niche, industry is different. I need to analyse the competation first and need to do more promotion to get high retention video views from targeted audience and get all neccessary social signals than the competation. This is neccessary to get laser targeted visitors from google.

For a video to get ranked naturally, it takes months or a year to get ranked on page 1 using normal and organic traffic from search engines. Using my method, your video can rank no 1 on youtube and google in 3 days, provided you allow us to do the project, as per the quote provided. Internet is a game of algorithms. Understand its pattern, you can climb faster or be no 1 in search engines.
In the recent days, I have increased the stakes by spending by own fund, to see any ranking opportunities.(for small and local business owners)

Contact me on skype or whatsapp. We need to have a discussion first. Each and every video is different.

Skype id: mailharsha08
Whatsapp/ phone +91 7736569514

Email id:


Once your youtube video, is shown on page 1 or local searches, you can enjoy natural and organic traffic for life. Because folks search on google, with serious buying intent. Your product or service should be visible for their buyer or midas keyword. You can contact me on whatsapp or skype voice call, if you need a clear picture. This is something very big.

Videos with text, graphics and transitions are the rage now on youtube, twitter and facebook. Based on my analysis with normal videos and videos with rich text, moving or scrolling text, a good  background music, transitions, effects, get more subscribers, engagement and has a probability to get more shares and go viral. I can create such videos say from 30 sec to 1 min or 5 minutes and you can post these videos on youtube, facebook, website highlighting your expertise. People have short attention span, and videos convert better than content. Contact me, I will provide a quote for the same.



Optional services.

We can also create a video commercial for 1 minute. We are associated with lot of small time artists across globe. They can speak about your product, brand or services. Video marketing is the rage now, and your competation is using this to get phone calls, sales, enquiries and conversions. Otherwise, you are just leaving a lot of money on the table.  Video commercials, animation videos, screencast videos, whiteboard videos anything we can get it done for you, without lifting a finger. Let us know the requirement and we can have discussion.


Animation service provider for your products, services, business

This 2D/3D hollywood style animated videos are in big demand
worldwide. A video about your brand, service or product
rules the internet and it is a must in today’s age.

Youtube is the second largest search engine, and people
always look on youtube, before contacting any business,
products or services. An animated video of 2 to 3 minutes will bring new leads for you.


Animation video improves the conversion of your websites, mesmerises your audience, speaks 1000 times better than content. People come back again for more information and these services are in big demand worldwide.

You can host animated videos about your business online on youtube or embed it on your website and its like a virtual real estate, a virtual salesman speaking on your behalf 24/7.

Real estate professionals, sales person, internet marketer, advertisor, marketer, DIY manuals, dentist, lawyers, plumber, electrician, local business owners, ecommerce and many categories. there is a big market for these services.
Contact me for the pricing.

whatsapp or phone call me directly for more information.

Skype id: mailharsha08
Whatsapp/ phone +91 7736569514

Email id:


New game: Rank your sites no 1 in unlimited cities(pure gamble)

New game: Rank your sites no 1 in unlimited cities(pure gamble)

Hi, Past few years I am dabbling a lot with seo, and found some great insights, where google ranks certain elements like videos and certain websites overnight. I beleive we can have certain control over google with this knowledge. The bots and  crawlers are looking for secret codes in your website.
You may have built a flashy website, spent a lot of money on it, but bots cant understand what’s written inside an image, content inside video, graphical elements. I have seen many websites with only video and graphical websites, of course it looks nice to viewers eyes, but google  cant index them properly or understand what the site or blog is all about?

Target market: all service business, agencies, consultants, dentists, lawyers, plumbers and more. If you are the person spending money on google adwords,
we can increase the odds of ranking that keyword.

The webpages will stick to page 1 for many months for medium and less competative industries. Google changes algorithms and things over time and I have discovered a secret trick since 1 month and ranking my clients websites like crazy in page 1 (1 to 3 positions) for multiple cities.
They have seen a dramatic increase in sales, phone calls, enquiries and conversions.
So what are you going to do?
I have a special agency software (top secret) which creates a database of all cities and popular towns in that country. Creates a unique page in google for each city. There are certain towns and cities where there is no competation in google for certain service based business and profession. I will add secret code to these pages, index them, syndicate them if appropriate and we can later check in google, say out of 500+ cities, for how many cities my websites are ranked in page 1.

I will also send you all the URLs of each city. Say 500 URLs for 500 cities.I suggest to use a new domain and hosting for this game.

This is called “market domination”
Capturing the entire market for buyer keyword. Yes, it is possible for medium and less competation niches. (pure gamble)

Domains can be brought for as less as $5 (name of domain doesnt matter)

I know secret hosting providers, who can provide hosting for
$10 per year (with unlimited resources)
Contact me directly on whatsapp and skype voice calls if interested.


Contact me, if interested. we can have discussion.

Whatsapp +91 7736569514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email marketing and unlimited smtp server services (Old beast is still popular)


Email magician 

Email magician

email magician

Basic email server setup. (special offer)

Cheap and affordable for starters. Contact me directly to know more. (24/7)

Ping me on whatsapp for fast responses.

Whatsapp/ phone +91 9605799514

Rs 3500 only

Renewal : Rs 1200 only (attract markets)


I have 3 options for you. Choose the one, which suits for you.

  1.  Credit based emails (You need to provide me a domain name or I will buy a domain name to host email.) Delivery time: within 24 hours.           Contact me directly if interested.


2. Unlimited smtp server for email marketing available.

You have full power and control with unlimited smtp server. The old beast is still powerful. No restrictions and limitations. (Help you with setup, if newbie)

You can send 100K emails per day and more, depending upon plan. Delivery time: within 24 hours. Valid for 1 month and you can continue if appropriate.

Also any concerns about pricing or any other questions welcome.  Contact me directly if interested.


3. Email authority jacker: I have launched a new course on internet, where you can laser target prospects without email database and smtp server.  Have a look.

The video course demonstrates, how any newbie can become  a superstar overnight, by leveraging the power of email ads for entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Whatsapp/ phone +919605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email id:


Create a Rock star pop star website for you (in few hours)


I got a agency access to many high converting websites in top niche like
real estate, dentist, consulting, hospital, local services, restaurants, artists
and 100+ categories. We also have ecommerce collection.

These kind of websites are time tested and stands out from the crowd.
Reply back if interested. We accept custom fee.

I can also duplicate and edit any website or webpage on internet, change logo,
remove few elements, add new graphics and make it completely unique.
Also create mesmerising landing pages for certain products and services.
I have special agency softwares to do that job. (of course ethical)

I believe these websites have huge potential and have a deep impact
on human psychology. When I started with web designing, I was terrible
to be frank. I messed with lot of elements. I also had few discussion with
close associates, who are top notch in web development industry and they
disclosed all the neccessary elements of a website.

But now, I have patched those elements a lot and can create modern 2d/3d websites, with sliders, all neccessary graphic elements and more. Reply back on skype and I will send few layouts, like how the final design will look like. Thanks.

I accept custom fee, and we shall discuss about prices if appropriate.

Website language translation services (improves reputation, trust and authority)

I will translate any website or webpage in the internet ,
in 50+ languages. I have procured a agency membership,
to do this job. Improve trust, confidence and reputation
by having your website in 2 languages or more. Only the
top fortune 500 companies are doing this. (English + any
native language will open gateways to new markets and

language translation services hire

You can even sell this services in your local area to
business owners, who have website or just need a translation
of webpage. We welcome agencies.

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

I am the only consultant in the world, offering this
unique service. Americans, Europeans and south americans,
asians know why having website in 2 or more language
versions, will put your competitors in dust or open gateway
to new markets to dominate with.

Delivery time: 2 to 3 hours
Pricing: contact me for the same.

Everyone targeting only 300mil English speakers in world
while they neglect over 450mil Portuguese, 250mil Spanish,
1000+Mil Chinese, 1000+ Hindi Speakers.You can get most from all of them by giving them their local language pages which means more engagement and more revenue for business.

language translation freelancer


Whatsapp/phone +91 7736569514
The languages, we support are

Africans, Albanians,Amharic,Arabic,Armenian, Azerbaizani,
Basque,Belarusian,Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian,Catalan,
Cebuano,Chichewa,Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional),
Filipino,Finnish,French,Frisian,galician,georgian,german,greek, gujarati,Haitan creole,Hausa,hawaiian, Hebrew,Hindi,Hmong, Hungarian,Icelandic,Igbo,Indonesian,Irish,Italian,Japanese, Javanese,Kannada,Kazakh,Khmer,Korean,Kurdish,Kyrgyz,Lao,Latin,Latvian,Lithuanian,Luxembourgish,Macedonian,Malagasy,
Malay,Malayalam,Maltese,Maori,Marathi,Mongolian, Myanmar(Burmese),Nepali,Norwegian,Pashto,Persian,Polish,Portugese,

Whatsapp/phone +91 7736569514


create custom email / professional / business email ( Configuration expert)

Custom email configuration expert
I can create custom email (must for serious entrepreneurs and small business owners) Custom emails, also called as professional emails or business email are in big demand. It instantly gives authority to your brand and all small business owners and entrepreneurs, use it to communicate with clients and existing customers.

I can create custom email (must for serious entrepreneurs
and small business owners)

Custom emails, also called as professional emails or business email
are in big demand. It instantly gives authority to your brand
and all small business owners and entrepreneurs, use it to communicate
with clients and existing customers.

70% of email recipients, prefer a custom or professional/business email, so that it gives lot of authority to the brand and prefer to do business with them,
than someone who use free email service like gmail,yahoo and more.
Everybody worldwide, who knows about this trend, is in a rush
to get a custom made professional email, but doesn’t know,
whom to approach. I am here to fix things, and you can contact me
for the same. (voice calls)

I have configured, domain email for google app suite, hostgator,
godaddy and many top providers.



So what is the next step?

  1. Buy a cheap domain from or  and provide the access details to configure email hosting on it. The domains can be anyting like .net ,co .org since they are a lot cheaper than .com extension. If you already have an existing domain, you can use that. (buying new domain is optional in this case.provide me the hosting access details to configure custom email to domain)
  2. Buy email hosting plan from Google app suite or hostgator or godaddy email hosting plans. (I will provide you the link) provide me the email hosting access details, you have received through email.
  3. Thats all. Wait for 3 hours to max 24 hours, for the email configuration changes to take effect. I will configure the email server from my end. I will notify through email, when the custom email is ready to use.
  4. Optional: You can also configure email server on outlook or any desktop email clients or use webmail to use emails.

Now you look professional with custom domains and gain consumer trust and make more sales.

Pro tip: For those guys using cheap hosting services, I suggest to buy a different email hosting to get inbox and more deliverability. All the punters are doing this. $2 to $5 fee  per month is affordable for many. You can even pay one time, annual fee or monthly basis whatever.


Cost analysis:

$30 My configuration fee (one time only)

$2 to $10 (your existing domain name or buy a domain from namecheap or godaddy. (yearly fee for domain)

You will be billed $3 to $5 per month
Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Note: To unsubscribe, reply “unsubscribe”. Thanks

Newsjacking expert services

Newsjacking expert

Hey, its my pleasure to introduce that I am part of public relations and online media community. I was dabbling with it and testing the system for a long time. We also have mentors in USA and UK, who help us whenever appropriate. I can help your business to be featured in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. (Specifically in USA, Europe,canada and australia)

Get featured in top media outlets like BBC, CNN, ABC, Fox news online media (consistency and pure luck)

It depends upon the industry, niche, or product or services you promote. I occasionaly do newsjacking for my clients. That is connect their business with breaking or trending news to get massive media coverage, which is otherwise not possible. It should be done discreetly.

Contact me directly and explain to me, the nature of your business and let me see if it fits the requirement.(No obligations) Call me directly on phone, skype or whatsapp. I feel very sorry, when I could see, there is a big potential in my subscriber list, and I have just missed a good media opportunity for them.

Newsjacking is the secret trend now in the industry.
Journalists, reporters and media outlets are looking for reliable sources to fit their columns, TV and radio shows. We interact with them, if the subject is related to my client.

Let me explain..

Scenario 1 : A journalist is looking for an expert in real estate niche. They notify all the members in the circle, that they are looking for a real estate expert, perhaps to be featured in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or online media. We get notifications on daily basis and every 3 hours, the requirement may be immediate, or 3 days or 1 days. So, I will be looking for if there is anything related to my business or subject to connect with them. If yes, I will immediately ping with my article made within 15 minutes, with appropriate images, drafting format, videos , website url and any other references.

The journalist recieves my information, and finds that it fits the bill, or atleast considers me as reliable source or responsive. Remember many other punters are also mailing them, on behalf of their clients. So it is a hit and miss game to be frank.

If lucky, the journalist saw some potential in me, and publishes the content in newspaper, magazines or schedules for an interview with me, on skype,phone, email or sometimes inperson whatever. I respect their verdict and followup and prove to them we are very responsive and this leaves a first impression.

I have landed 6 interviews with media, in 1 year (for my subject)

Only because, the timing was correct and I was very responsive for their needs to get a relaible source. I got featured in yahoo news website, google news website, an australian website, 1 radio channel. in america. 2 TV channels interview me on skype 2 times for 30 min and still making deals. (trade secret I will tell you the brand name, call me for that)

I have invested 1000s of dollars in mentors and experts to master this technology. Now I believe this same potential can be used for public domain. So I am associated with 80000+ media outlets looking for resources and reliable sources for info.

I have built good rapport with reporters, journalist and program managers over time. This relationship can be used to get media coverage to your business, if the timing is right and luck is on your side.

I cant explain everything in this email, please call be directly and I will give a clear idea. (No obligations) (I will explain what can be done, if you are interested)

You can save millions of advertising dollars, if this works out. I am also cold calling many industralist, businessman and relevant categories, so that I can get deals for them, if they fit into the requirements or likes and whims of reporters. It won’t cost you nothing for this. Only pay a small fee, if your business gets featured in these media channels. Good luck!!

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 7736569514

Email id:

Live video magician (Get massive views, leads, prospects, new customers using live streaming technology)

Live video magician (Get massive views, leads, prospects, new customers using live streaming technology)

Live video platforms expert

Live video magician is the king of the jungle now, in parallel to traditional advertising platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, flyers and more. This works like a charm, if you are on a small or limited budget. The savior of artists and small business owners. Jump in to this trend and feel the power. (completely untapped) At present only 1% know about this unique opportunity. Give it a shot, and you you will love this platform.

Contact me directly on skype, whatsapp or phone, we can have a conversation for 10 minutes. (No obligations) Then you can decide, whether to enroll for training or not. All platforms can be covered in 1 or 2 days.

Frequently asked questions

1.What is live video magician?
It is the latest technology and trend on internet, which has the power to attract huge audience within minutes in real time. We have figured out all the simple steps to configure it on your computer and smartphone. If you have 3g/4g enabled phone with camera, an event to shoot, you are good to go.

2. Any other equipment needed or investment?
No costly equipment needed. A computer with a webcam and microphone. An android or iphone, will do. 1 mbps connection for desktop and 4g/3g connection for mobile preferred for easy buffering and avoid lagging.

3. Any learning curve?
Initially, we will configure it on your computer, through remote control for 10 min.Then it is just plug and play.You can be a pro in 1 day. 90% of people dabble and stumble with configuration, and they give up, because they feel it is complicated. I have a very simple method, which can be achieved in few mouse clicks.You can use this knowledge for life, and impress your friends and colleagues.
4. Any extra cost for software?
There is a resource, which is available for free and very user friendly too. You can become a pro, in 20 min if you listen to us, while we coach.

4. Can I stream pre recorded videos as live videos?
Yes, this simple trick can be done in few mouse clicks for both youtube anf facebook. Because some people are shy in front
of camera, and we can we can understand that. You can even live stream your desktop presentation or tutorials.
6. Is it paid or free service?
we have both. Companies and small business owners have found big value and success in this platform. A unique paid service package, offers 50,000 unique views in real time, to boost your campaign. Then if atll somebody shares, it has potential to go viral.

Almost free service: I have figured out a secret trick, where you can advertise for as low as $3, $5, $20 per day and get instant views around 1000 to 45000 views. As soon as your video goes live, all your friends or fans, will get a notification and most of them, will jump in to watch it, if they are avaialable on facebook or other platforms.

5. How many live video platforms, are you experienced with?
5 and more. Facebook like, youtube live, twitter live, snapchat, periscope and few other platforms used by media.

6. Any media opportunity to get on TV and get massive media coverage?
Trade secrets. Contact me directly, I will explain the same.
I am also a newsjacking expert and I have helped few companies in the past. But it should be done discreetly. There is a proper way to do that. Some business or talents, naturally attract media attention. we are also in good terms with few journalists, reporters, managers and more.


If you are interested and wanna give a shot to this new trend, contact me directly on phone,skype or whatsapp and we can have a conversation for 10 min (no obligations). If you find that, this is what you are looking for, you can enroll for individual coaching.

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 7736569514

Email id:


Info product launch services

Info product launch expert. (make money with your own digital products)

how to create own software
how to create own software

Everyday millions of people are looking for solutions online to launch their own info product. But it is not that easy, you need technical expertise to get a info product made, sales page and graphics designed, configure payment gateways, copy writing and so on.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email id:

1. Product launch expert

Helping individuals, small business owners, artists
worldwide to launch their digital product.
(all solutions in one roof)
(Of course for a small fee. Average fee starts from $200 and goes up depending upon the length of the project)

2. Solutions

We can do all these work like designing a info product,web designing, graphic designing, configuring payment gateways and digital downloads for a small fee. (Otherwise you will waste a lot of time, if not weeks, months or years to figure it out on your own)

3. Types of digital products

Digital product can be ebooks, video courses, audio, podcast, membership sites with funnels and more. It establishes you as an authority and increases your credibility or reputation in your specific industry, meanwhile making you recurring income for a lifetime. (real estate and digital asset) Its like a sales man, talking on your behalf 24/7 completely automated.

4. Client base

We have helped real estate professionals, doctors, lawyers, artists, dancers to compose and launch their own digital product. These assets are bringing them 1000’s of new prospects or leads in a year, completely on autopilot without spending a dime or advertising.
(It depends on how popular your product or service is about)

5. Be an expert, authority in your industry

You can either give these products as a giveaway,
with you as an author, expert in your niche or sell online and get recurring income for a lifetime. It increases trust, credibility and reputation.

If the service or product has huge gravity, you get lots of new prospects or leads.

6. Good talent, skills or a new idea.

If you have good talent or skills in your specific industry, say yoga, body building, natural remedies, software guides, car manuals, anything which solves a problem of a common man or makes their life easier will do. People are happy and willing to pay money, if that product or service can solve their problem.

7. How we can help you?

Create a responsive and converting sales page, with all modern elements or graphics to attract a visitor like buy now buttons, countdown timers, audio/video sizes, looping them, HD format, bar,circular and linear graphs, thank you page, download page,

Membership portals, with funnels, automated digital downloads, configure payment gateways and more. Just give us an idea, and we will create a product, write content if required.
digital product launch expert for hire (examples)


Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email id:

Troubleshooting and consulting services

Troubleshooting and consulting services


If you are an internet user, you may encounter
many issues, where you need insights and answers to your
questions in real time. (Voice calls)

During my interaction with my clients, they desperately
used these services in way or the other from me or from other agencies.
Perhaps this knowledge can also help you or your friend in distress.Be calm, relaxed. we are there to lend a helping hand and look after the issues. Bookmark this page

and email it or share it on social media if appropriate.

No matter, where you live in the world, you may encounter any of these in some part of your life and you will be clueless about it.
Bookmark this website with your own headline, so that you will be able to navigate it instantly in times of need.

Note: I am not an expert, but I do have a lot of experience in this area and would like to help others for a small fee,
if they need it.Ask me for charges too. I have built a good relationship with few ISP and hosting companies and experts
worldwide and can help you to fix it.

Communication: No texting/chatting.
Direct voice calls on phone/whatsapp/skype, google/facebook voice calls only.
Skype with voice/video call is most preferred.
Email is okay, but voice call is better for instant responses.

Rock star customer service on voice calls in real time.
(this works for both)

Payment: Payoneer, skrill.
Other payment methods, please contact me.

Real life Case scenarios. (real questions desperate clients asked me.)

1. My hosting got suspended/ terminated, without notice. Can you explain why?

2. My smtp server to send emails got blacklisted, received too many spam complaints, email server not accessible,
email hosting completely shut down. Can you give me answers? my autoresponder provider, just shut down my account.
He is not explaining the reason. Why?

3. I got a notice from ISP company. what is that?

4. I got a notice from hosting provider. what is that?

5. We got a notice from an agency. what can be done now?

6. I need to remove my images, content, google places listing
and webpages linking to me or my business from google.
Can you help me?

7. Someone is trying to hack my facebook, twitter, youtube, email and other accounts.
Please help me. what can be done?

8. My facebook, twitter youtube account and others or any one of these accounts got suspended. can I know why?

9.Someone is defaming/ sabotaging my reputation on internet. Things are going nasty.
Can you help me? what can be done?

10. My youtube account got terminated. why? Is recovery possible?
I got community guidelines strike on youtube. why?
Nasty comments on youtube? what can be done now?

11. My cc/vcc or bank account or online payment gateways
got hacked and got many suspicious transactions through sms or email. what can be done now?

12. My facebook/twitter/youtube and other accounts got restricted. why?

13.My mobile phone, with lot of personal info, banking details, SSN and private info got stolen or I lost it.
what can be done now? Is my data compromised?

14. Somebody is remotely hacking my computer and I could feel it like mouse moving on its own, computer shut down without notice, many weird popups or malware
redirecting me to certain weird websites or to purchase something? Despite many efforts, it just doesn’t go away. Can you help me in this?

15. The private info, images, emails, videos of my friend has leaked online and he/she is annoyed or depressed. Can you help me
to take them down? They are embrassed and dont want to deal with sheriff or other agencies, but prefer a offshore person,
who can help them in this crisis, so that the issue gets resolved soon. Please can you do something immediately?


Yes. We have built a good relationship with ISP, hosting companies and experts worldwide. As soon as we send a first note, email or notification
explaining the gravity of situation, be it content or image hosting sites, video or adult hosting sites, just provide us the links or URL
which you would like to be removed from the internet.You could also provide us the keywords, linking to such content, and we can track it and get it removed. (small

extra fee)
Most of the ISPs and hosting companies worldwide and agencies, will honor our requests and will take it down immediately. We can understand how stressful that

situation is, and can get things done, say in few hours,24 hours and sometimes 3 to 5 days maximum.
Just in case, if that particular provider,ISP or hosting, doesnt not honor our first request.
In this case, we use certain infleuncers and higher authorities discreetly to get things done.( We will update you with the proceedings on daily basis. dont worry)

My record time once for a client facing similar issue, is 2 hours. we removed all bad content from internet with the help of ISPs and hosting companies.
Delay is quite natural. In some cases, a manual person or moderator should take it down from their end or approve our request.
Leave this job to us, and we will look after the rest.

16. I got a threatening email, blackmail, phishing. Got abused and harassed on facebook, twitter, youtube and other platforms.
what can be done now?
bullied on facebook, skype, twitter and other platforms. what can be done now?

17. Somebody has copied my content and hosted into their website, without any changes. It is matching 100%.
I want to get it removed. what can be done now?

18.Copyright questions (all categories)

19. My hosting shut down my account. I dont have backup. what can be done now?

20. My ISP cancelled my subscription, without notice. what can be done now?

21. I want to deindex my old website, which I have dropped from google. It is showing 404 error or content is outdated.
what can be done now?

23. Any website/domain/hosting/ISP related questions welcome. Remember I am not an expert in certain areas. In that case, I will try
my best to help you.

24. Email marketing/ISP and hosting laws in different countries for hosting certain services.

25. My hosting account gets shut down frequently? say within 3 months and I keep on moving with different hosting?
why? Can you help me? hacked/DDos and other questions.

27. my website or server crashes frequently and i need to fix it manually everytime. Can you help me?

28.Website/server/ email uptime/downtime issues? can you help me?
29. Network outage, somebody is consuming my bandwidth, resources and other issues?

30. After a month I am moving to a country, where internet is censored 50% and I cant access facebook, twitter, youtube and my favorite
websites in that country. I need it badly and I cant leave without it. can you help me on this?

Note: The above questions are real life questions asked by my clients.I will add many other case scenarios in the list, if any.
Will update it soon, if I get any other new questions.

Contact me directly on voice calls. We can have a discussion. I can help you for a small fee. Depending upon the situation
and service, I may charge a small fee upfront to get things done. If you are okay with it, fine we can proceed to
get the issue resolved.

Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

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Country: India

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