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Newsjacking expert

Hey, its my pleasure to introduce that I am part of public relations and online media community. I was dabbling with it and testing the system for a long time. We also have mentors in USA and UK, who help us whenever appropriate. I can help your business to be featured in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. (Specifically in USA, Europe,canada and australia)

Get featured in top media outlets like BBC, CNN, ABC, Fox news online media (consistency and pure luck)

It depends upon the industry, niche, or product or services you promote. I occasionaly do newsjacking for my clients. That is connect their business with breaking or trending news to get massive media coverage, which is otherwise not possible. It should be done discreetly.

Contact me directly and explain to me, the nature of your business and let me see if it fits the requirement.(No obligations) Call me directly on phone, skype or whatsapp. I feel very sorry, when I could see, there is a big potential in my subscriber list, and I have just missed a good media opportunity for them.

Newsjacking is the secret trend now in the industry.
Journalists, reporters and media outlets are looking for reliable sources to fit their columns, TV and radio shows. We interact with them, if the subject is related to my client.

Let me explain..

Scenario 1 : A journalist is looking for an expert in real estate niche. They notify all the members in the circle, that they are looking for a real estate expert, perhaps to be featured in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or online media. We get notifications on daily basis and every 3 hours, the requirement may be immediate, or 3 days or 1 days. So, I will be looking for if there is anything related to my business or subject to connect with them. If yes, I will immediately ping with my article made within 15 minutes, with appropriate images, drafting format, videos , website url and any other references.

The journalist recieves my information, and finds that it fits the bill, or atleast considers me as reliable source or responsive. Remember many other punters are also mailing them, on behalf of their clients. So it is a hit and miss game to be frank.

If lucky, the journalist saw some potential in me, and publishes the content in newspaper, magazines or schedules for an interview with me, on skype,phone, email or sometimes inperson whatever. I respect their verdict and followup and prove to them we are very responsive and this leaves a first impression.

I have landed 6 interviews with media, in 1 year (for my subject)

Only because, the timing was correct and I was very responsive for their needs to get a relaible source. I got featured in yahoo news website, google news website, an australian website, 1 radio channel. in america. 2 TV channels interview me on skype 2 times for 30 min and still making deals. (trade secret I will tell you the brand name, call me for that)

I have invested 1000s of dollars in mentors and experts to master this technology. Now I believe this same potential can be used for public domain. So I am associated with 80000+ media outlets looking for resources and reliable sources for info.

I have built good rapport with reporters, journalist and program managers over time. This relationship can be used to get media coverage to your business, if the timing is right and luck is on your side.

I cant explain everything in this email, please call be directly and I will give a clear idea. (No obligations) (I will explain what can be done, if you are interested)

You can save millions of advertising dollars, if this works out. I am also cold calling many industralist, businessman and relevant categories, so that I can get deals for them, if they fit into the requirements or likes and whims of reporters. It won’t cost you nothing for this. Only pay a small fee, if your business gets featured in these media channels. Good luck!!

Contact details.

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