Media buying deals and creatives

Media buying deals and creatives

Creative advertising benefits and new horizons:

There is a big change happening in all parts of the globe.
The way people live, interact and communicate has changed. People are hooked with internet and most of the time, they are surfing google, youtube and social media for relevant info. Business of any nature, need the services of local seo expert.

Advertising is the lifeline of many business. Do you know how big search engines like google and social media sites like facebook
sell their advertising space to advertisors. But many people advertising in these platforms have made advertising very costly and trend will increase. Everybody is bidding for ad space, and the highest bidder wins the bid, gets maximum impressions and clicks first.

I will show you something, which is instant and you can get started in a hour or day. We will provide you all the instructions to get started. These are the cheapest modes of advertising and suits everyone budget, whether you may be a small business owner, entrepreneur, have any product or service to promote and many different verticals and sectors. For  newbies, we can also help you get started. 

Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t need to book an ad slot in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio ads, billboards and wait for days or for a week or more for your ad to run. You can get started immediately. We will design all the creatives.

The demand for these services have increased, and most of the customers come from referrals of past loyal subscribers and repeat customers. Each and every project is important and we need to do a quick analysis.

We create stunning and eye catching graphics, custom images with SEO optimised, logos and infographics, newsletters which brings you lot of enquiries, calls, foot traffic, leads or prospects. Most of the specialist website for certain niches rank well in google and it turns out to be the biggest asset for business owners. These high graphics posts do get lot of organic shares and thus boost rankings. Page retention is important ranking factor ie, how many minutes new visitors spend on your page. A well designed graphics images with SEO optimised can boost rankings. Each and every project is different. A quick 5 minute analysis, we can see, what can be done. We also follow Whitehat SEO methods and strict webmaster guidelines.

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We also do video editing, with lot of overlays, with texts and sub titles, so that people can understand what the video is about during commuting or travel on train/ bus, because there is text or sub titles parallel to video. Even people who cannot understand the video or language, can easily understand using the sub titles and also it is SEO optimised, which may also a ranking factor.


If you need fast rankings, or just brought a new domain in the niche, there is a method to buy established domains with good authority and metrics (need professional help) and any new content will be visible in google in 2 weeks or more. We used to do this,for certain speciality niches and those who need a good traction over the competation. Contact me for the same. Each and every niche or industry is different. I can set it up for you, and there is a fee for the same.

Mobile devices have become very dominant nowadays.
70% internet searches happen through mobile devices and only 30% are desktop searches. Local seo expert can help you to provide a new advertising opportunity, a new channel of customers, depending upon your nature of business.

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In that, 2 out of 5 searches are about people looking for local business.
People are looking for services like restaurant, plumber, electrician, lawyer, doctor and many profiles through google search. The business listed in top 7 pack in google search gets the lion share of visitors and they get deals, enquiries and secure contracts, because they are in top page of google. Your store or shop,business visibility is a must in today’s internet age. People are looking to buy products or services, through internet.

Have no time and technical expertise, on how to do this? Is it complicated for you? Don’t worry local seo expert can do this on your behalf, for a specific fee. We will do an analysis and explain briefly, what can be done, before starting with the project.
Already have a business and everything listed on internet? That’s great!! Local seo expert can help you to rank even better. Even change the look of the website, or revive them to showcase your products or services. Its like a virtual showroom or a sales guy communicating with the your prospects or your new customers 24/7 and 365 days on your behalf.

Depending upon the nature of your business, these stakes, will bring more leads and customers. We can even include professional videos of your products or services for maximum engagement. It’s better to have a highly responsive website, than your competation. This is what makes your prospects tick, for a buying decision.

whitehat seo - instant indexing on google bing yahoo search engines

Local seo expert can help you to get your business listed on google and all the possible local directories called citations to boost the ranking. However, there are some highly competative niches, where competation is very severe in local search or for a search phrase, say for ex: hotel, tourism.

These are the guys, with very big SEO budgets, and things change over time.

A large number of people are using internet, to search local business, compared to traditional mediums like newspaper, magazines, yellow pages and more.
The best example for this trend is, when you commute on train, bus, see the number of people surfing with mobile handset.

You are missing a big deal of business, if you are not visible in local search, and simply throwing lot of money on the table, to your competitors.

Right now, google is giving lot of importance to local business. Google wants to display the exact business, what the customer is looking for, based on relevant business, reviews, proximity, and website ranking factors. Local seo expert, can do this job on your behalf.
In a big city, business like lawyer,doctor,dentist,plumbers, electricians, beauty parlour and more have made a fortune, just because their business is visible on google local search. This is the most in demand business, in the world now.

Customers are looking for different products or services using internet. Local seo expert knows, what these keyword phrases are.How optimised the website is, for the local searches is also very important. Right now, google is also giving lot of importance to local website ranking factors.I am also a professional web designer and can also give a custom quote for the same.

Note: Please don’t let the hungry customers very eager to buy your products or services slip by, or by default your competitor gets the lions share of deals from internet, just because your business is not listed on local searches.

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