Live video magician (Get massive views, leads, prospects, new customers using live streaming technology)

Live video magician (Get massive views, leads, prospects, new customers using live streaming technology)

Live video platforms expert

Live video magician is the king of the jungle now, in parallel to traditional advertising platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, flyers and more. This works like a charm, if you are on a small or limited budget. The savior of artists and small business owners. Jump in to this trend and feel the power. (completely untapped) At present only 1% know about this unique opportunity. Give it a shot, and you you will love this platform.

Contact me directly on skype, whatsapp or phone, we can have a conversation for 10 minutes. (No obligations) Then you can decide, whether to enroll for training or not. All platforms can be covered in 1 or 2 days.

Frequently asked questions

1.What is live video magician?
It is the latest technology and trend on internet, which has the power to attract huge audience within minutes in real time. We have figured out all the simple steps to configure it on your computer and smartphone. If you have 3g/4g enabled phone with camera, an event to shoot, you are good to go.

2. Any other equipment needed or investment?
No costly equipment needed. A computer with a webcam and microphone. An android or iphone, will do. 1 mbps connection for desktop and 4g/3g connection for mobile preferred for easy buffering and avoid lagging.

3. Any learning curve?
Initially, we will configure it on your computer, through remote control for 10 min.Then it is just plug and play.You can be a pro in 1 day. 90% of people dabble and stumble with configuration, and they give up, because they feel it is complicated. I have a very simple method, which can be achieved in few mouse clicks.You can use this knowledge for life, and impress your friends and colleagues.
4. Any extra cost for software?
There is a resource, which is available for free and very user friendly too. You can become a pro, in 20 min if you listen to us, while we coach.

4. Can I stream pre recorded videos as live videos?
Yes, this simple trick can be done in few mouse clicks for both youtube anf facebook. Because some people are shy in front
of camera, and we can we can understand that. You can even live stream your desktop presentation or tutorials.
6. Is it paid or free service?
we have both. Companies and small business owners have found big value and success in this platform. A unique paid service package, offers 50,000 unique views in real time, to boost your campaign. Then if atll somebody shares, it has potential to go viral.

Almost free service: I have figured out a secret trick, where you can advertise for as low as $3, $5, $20 per day and get instant views around 1000 to 45000 views. As soon as your video goes live, all your friends or fans, will get a notification and most of them, will jump in to watch it, if they are avaialable on facebook or other platforms.

5. How many live video platforms, are you experienced with?
5 and more. Facebook like, youtube live, twitter live, snapchat, periscope and few other platforms used by media.

6. Any media opportunity to get on TV and get massive media coverage?
Trade secrets. Contact me directly, I will explain the same.
I am also a newsjacking expert and I have helped few companies in the past. But it should be done discreetly. There is a proper way to do that. Some business or talents, naturally attract media attention. we are also in good terms with few journalists, reporters, managers and more.


If you are interested and wanna give a shot to this new trend, contact me directly on phone,skype or whatsapp and we can have a conversation for 10 min (no obligations). If you find that, this is what you are looking for, you can enroll for individual coaching.

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