Graphic designer and beauty services. Attract opportunities and people. l India

high end photo retouching services

We have 3 kinds of pricing.

  1. Basic photo edits = $2 per image  Ex: Change background image, sharpen photos, blur images, remove/hide objects, add lights or brighten photos and other enhancement for landscape photos.
  2. Photo retouching = $5 per image  Ex: Make face look attractive, remove imperfections, moles, scars, marks, change skintone and complexion.
  3. High end photo retouching = $10 to $25 or above depending upon edits.

Ex: Increase size of hands/legs, add tattoo, fat to slim, change skin tone. l India

We can have a talk about project and pricing. We have image rates, hourly rates and project based rates. The above pricing, just gives an idea. But if you provide me more than 5 photos, I can lower prices. If an edit or manipulation on photo, you have requested is not possible, I will discuss that during discussion on whatsapp/phone and skype calls. We only proceed with project, when things are clear on both sides. We offer fair pricing, lower than market rates. We have repeat clientele from various countries. l India

I started my studio online,  for shy people and people with beauty issues, lack of self esteem and confidence. Make them.attract opportunities, dating and more. No shy!

Using my studio, I helped many to attract jobs, promotion, career, hike in salary, get noticed, find a soulmate, marriage, dating and hidden opportunities. No shy!

We also provide video editing, with special movie effects, even shoot videos, build a photo portfolio, which can help you in job, career, promotion, hike in salary, get noticed, dating, marriage and attract hidden opportunities. I was providing photography and videography services, years ago, but now I have decided to provide it for people, who might be interested. No shy! l India

Not confident on camera? There are certain lights and camera angles, which can make you look attractive. If you want to setup a youtube channel, I can also guide you, if interested.  Have beauty issues like skin imperfections, dark skin, we too have solutions for the same, with simple instructions.

” I will also come on voice call and video call, to discuss more about studio, for serious people.. Just give me an idea and I can design it for you. I know many things, if you follow me on Instagram and WhatsApp, YouTube you will understand.” l India

Note: Your friends, colleagues and family members might be interested in such services. They might be looking for marriage, jobs, career and looking good has ton of benefits. You can forward this link to them.

If you believe, someone need this service, you can forward this link.

So the most common requests are: (send scanned copy)

  1. Add color to black/white photo. (it is possible)
  2. Fix old photos, with tear scratches. It may be your old family photo, which is damaged. (send scanned copy)
  3.  Blur background, photo touchup.
  4. Change color of eye, whiten teeth, change lipstick, change hair color. (modern trends) facelift, nosejob, fat reduction, remove tan color of hands/legs or whiten them. (It is possible, if it meets certain conditions)
  5. Change dress color, suit color, add tattoo, add accesories, remove objects from photo, change background of photo, passport photo. It should meet certain conditions for such requests.
  6. Remove aging signs on face and body, wrinkles, scars, boils and any skin imperfections.
  7.  Change color of cars, bike, furniture, house or other supported objects. l India

Note: We may not work with certain projects, which we may feel in appropriate. Always provide your own photos, or those who gave you consent or permission. There are lot of services, not listed here. Before proceeding with project, I discuss with you, what you exactly want, through voice and video calls on skype/whatsapp. If certain requests are not possible, I will discuss it during discussion.  No shy! We have interacted with lot of people across globe through internet and they keep on coming back to us, also referring their friends and people they know. Everybody wants to look good. You can keep these photos for lifetime, use as profile pic, forward for jobs, dating and marriage purposes.

I allow upto 3 revisions, within 3 hours if appropriate. The finished work will be sent through email, skype and whatsapp and watermark is removed, once you are satisfied or amount is paid.

We accept Skrill, Indian bank transfer payments. For other payment methods, I need to check. Skrill supports 200+ countries and the transfer is instant. l India


  1. So how to contact you?

I suggest you send me a message on whatsapp/skype with introduction or requirement, and I will reply back soon or fix time convenient for both. I do handle lot of orders, from people across globe, and most of the time will be in voice or video call, to look after various requirements of my clients.

2. So what details do you need?

i. For banners, I need marketing message, what the design should have, for ex, certain animals, elements, objects or graphics. I can create a marketing message, if you don’t have. But send me website name, phone number, address (for store). I will only proceed, once the discussion is clear on what the final design should look like, whether it is possible or not.

I will send a final design with watermark, and after you find OK, I will remove watermark. l India

ii. For beauty and touchup, enhancement services, I need to know what exactly you need. I mean whiten skin tone, remove moles, skin imperfections.

3. Payment methods:

Skrill supports 200+ countries. You can instantly deposit money through bank transfer, credit/debit card and many options. For other payment methods, contact me.

4. Revision or changes:

Any changes you need, should be said instantly after I send the banner or final image. There are many other people waiting for real time conversation, and sometimes I may contact you later.

5. Safe and secure environment:

We have interacted with many people across globe on internet. I am available on voice/video calls for serious and repeat customers. Once the project is over, say for face or beauty correction, we will delete the original copy sent by you, after everything is okay. There may be certain projects, we may not work with, if we find it inappropriate. Communication issues, long response time on email, is a concern to us. Voice call on whatsapp/skype can instantly make changes within few minutes.