Cinematography, photography, videography and film making l India

I am an astrologer at I also have an youtube channel in the website, with almost 65+ videos as of oct 2020. I learnt all these to promote my youtube channel and create quality content. These things attracted me a lot and I it took me 6 months to learn many things about Cinematography, photography, videography and film making. I learnt all these in my free time, experimenting various things on daily basis. My  videography skills have improved a lot, since them. I also shoot videos for others, small business and take photos, build photo portfolio for others, which helped them in dating, marriage, career, jobs, vacations and shoot videos of various life events. l India

It boosts your confidence and self esteem, when you look good. The more transparent you are, brings you more hidden opportunities. I also create various flashy youtube thumbnails, graphics for website to get clicks and high impressions like various banners for different niches for cheap rates. Most of my customers are my friends or pool of astrology customers, who need one or the other service for their business. l India

Many cinematography tricks like 20+ cheap lighting methods, create various scenes, edit various VFX scenes, hollywood style footage, various camera movements, drone and crane moves. There is high possibility of your videos going viral for these kind of shots. Also depends upon luck. l India

Using cheap DIY materials, I know how to produce fog, smoke, various light, light a landscape upto 200 meters using 1 light source and shoot beautiful videos at night, how to light a forest, various beautiful landscapes, produce rain scene, lot of various effects using green screen and editing. Communication before shooting such videos is very important. l India

Beauty and looks:

If you are not confident about your beauty or looks, not confident on camera, lack self confidence and self esteem, I can help you on this. Even dark skin, acne, moles is not a problem, we can hide all those imperfections (full body, hands, legs) using cheap makeup tricks which worked in many occasions. Everybody need this. Contact me for the same, I can give you ideas.

If you need help in set YouTube studio, lights, tripods, cheap diy alternative equipments, vfx, SFX, photo portfolio, shoot videos for various occasions (cinematic and normal). Makeup tricks, confidence on camera, graphics design, Photoshop, high end photo touching. Seo rank in top 3, advertising in top websites, YouTube thumbnails.

So I shoot movies and videos on budget, using the beauty of mother nature. Climate very cold and sound of birds is nostalgic. Animal safari on jeep/van going deep into animal territory. Elephant views, dolphin jumps, public boats available to shoot various cinematic views. Enjoy views during sunset on boat. Many of my photos portfolio and videos I shot for others, helped them in dating, marriage, jobs,career, new friends, connections and some even went viral on social media. Cinematic videos I know 100+ tricks. He he For graphics design, video editing, vfx, SFX, makeup tricks, seo, advertising, videography, photography, cinematography you can contact me. l India

Don’t have a location or ideas to shoot great videos. I can shoot for you.  I know many great locations, resorts, houses and villas (within 100 to 150 kms) without paying for location fees. (To shoot small movies and photo portfolio). This brings you opportunities. He he. Beaches, rivers, lakes, tree apartments, resorts, villas, Birds sanctuary, early morning fog, mist, even snow in munnar, waterfalls, forest landscape, big trees, hiking trails, spots, backwaters, houseboats, beautiful paddy fields. Hotels, resorts, beautiful interiors, western washroom, jaccuzi, bathtub and scuba diving, paragliding, many adventure sports for taking all kind of photos. Even rent a house of villa with garden and many landscapes for less than rs 2000 per day, swimming pool, view of tea estate is beautiful during winter and rainy days. l India

Contact me directly, if interested. I have written this blog post, because I have sold many such services to my friends and my astrology subscribers.

Harsha A

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Country: India

For collaborations, joint venture, partnerships, or if you need help in shooting videos, photo portfolio, Photoshop, graphic design, design replica s for film making purposes like nature spots, realistic backgrounds, makeup, lighting, YouTube studio setup and editing, you can contact me. Contact me through email, and I will reply back if appropriate. I will then schedule voice/video or phone call on skype/ WhatsApp to discuss further, if appropriate. Later, we can meet in person. l India