Troubleshooting and consulting services

Troubleshooting and consulting services


If you are an internet user, you may encounter
many issues, where you need insights and answers to your
questions in real time. (Voice calls)

During my interaction with my clients, they desperately
used these services in way or the other from me or from other agencies.
Perhaps this knowledge can also help you or your friend in distress.Be calm, relaxed. we are there to lend a helping hand and look after the issues. Bookmark this page

and email it or share it on social media if appropriate.

No matter, where you live in the world, you may encounter any of these in some part of your life and you will be clueless about it.
Bookmark this website with your own headline, so that you will be able to navigate it instantly in times of need.

Note: I am not an expert, but I do have a lot of experience in this area and would like to help others for a small fee,
if they need it.Ask me for charges too. I have built a good relationship with few ISP and hosting companies and experts
worldwide and can help you to fix it.

Communication: No texting/chatting.
Direct voice calls on phone/whatsapp/skype, google/facebook voice calls only.
Skype with voice/video call is most preferred.
Email is okay, but voice call is better for instant responses.

Rock star customer service on voice calls in real time.
(this works for both)

Payment: Payoneer, skrill.
Other payment methods, please contact me.

Real life Case scenarios. (real questions desperate clients asked me.)

1. My hosting got suspended/ terminated, without notice. Can you explain why?

2. My smtp server to send emails got blacklisted, received too many spam complaints, email server not accessible,
email hosting completely shut down. Can you give me answers? my autoresponder provider, just shut down my account.
He is not explaining the reason. Why?

3. I got a notice from ISP company. what is that?

4. I got a notice from hosting provider. what is that?

5. We got a notice from an agency. what can be done now?

6. I need to remove my images, content, google places listing
and webpages linking to me or my business from google.
Can you help me?

7. Someone is trying to hack my facebook, twitter, youtube, email and other accounts.
Please help me. what can be done?

8. My facebook, twitter youtube account and others or any one of these accounts got suspended. can I know why?

9.Someone is defaming/ sabotaging my reputation on internet. Things are going nasty.
Can you help me? what can be done?

10. My youtube account got terminated. why? Is recovery possible?
I got community guidelines strike on youtube. why?
Nasty comments on youtube? what can be done now?

11. My cc/vcc or bank account or online payment gateways
got hacked and got many suspicious transactions through sms or email. what can be done now?

12. My facebook/twitter/youtube and other accounts got restricted. why?

13.My mobile phone, with lot of personal info, banking details, SSN and private info got stolen or I lost it.
what can be done now? Is my data compromised?

14. Somebody is remotely hacking my computer and I could feel it like mouse moving on its own, computer shut down without notice, many weird popups or malware
redirecting me to certain weird websites or to purchase something? Despite many efforts, it just doesn’t go away. Can you help me in this?

15. The private info, images, emails, videos of my friend has leaked online and he/she is annoyed or depressed. Can you help me
to take them down? They are embrassed and dont want to deal with sheriff or other agencies, but prefer a offshore person,
who can help them in this crisis, so that the issue gets resolved soon. Please can you do something immediately?


Yes. We have built a good relationship with ISP, hosting companies and experts worldwide. As soon as we send a first note, email or notification
explaining the gravity of situation, be it content or image hosting sites, video or adult hosting sites, just provide us the links or URL
which you would like to be removed from the internet.You could also provide us the keywords, linking to such content, and we can track it and get it removed. (small

extra fee)
Most of the ISPs and hosting companies worldwide and agencies, will honor our requests and will take it down immediately. We can understand how stressful that

situation is, and can get things done, say in few hours,24 hours and sometimes 3 to 5 days maximum.
Just in case, if that particular provider,ISP or hosting, doesnt not honor our first request.
In this case, we use certain infleuncers and higher authorities discreetly to get things done.( We will update you with the proceedings on daily basis. dont worry)

My record time once for a client facing similar issue, is 2 hours. we removed all bad content from internet with the help of ISPs and hosting companies.
Delay is quite natural. In some cases, a manual person or moderator should take it down from their end or approve our request.
Leave this job to us, and we will look after the rest.

16. I got a threatening email, blackmail, phishing. Got abused and harassed on facebook, twitter, youtube and other platforms.
what can be done now?
bullied on facebook, skype, twitter and other platforms. what can be done now?

17. Somebody has copied my content and hosted into their website, without any changes. It is matching 100%.
I want to get it removed. what can be done now?

18.Copyright questions (all categories)

19. My hosting shut down my account. I dont have backup. what can be done now?

20. My ISP cancelled my subscription, without notice. what can be done now?

21. I want to deindex my old website, which I have dropped from google. It is showing 404 error or content is outdated.
what can be done now?

23. Any website/domain/hosting/ISP related questions welcome. Remember I am not an expert in certain areas. In that case, I will try
my best to help you.

24. Email marketing/ISP and hosting laws in different countries for hosting certain services.

25. My hosting account gets shut down frequently? say within 3 months and I keep on moving with different hosting?
why? Can you help me? hacked/DDos and other questions.

27. my website or server crashes frequently and i need to fix it manually everytime. Can you help me?

28.Website/server/ email uptime/downtime issues? can you help me?
29. Network outage, somebody is consuming my bandwidth, resources and other issues?

30. After a month I am moving to a country, where internet is censored 50% and I cant access facebook, twitter, youtube and my favorite
websites in that country. I need it badly and I cant leave without it. can you help me on this?

Note: The above questions are real life questions asked by my clients.I will add many other case scenarios in the list, if any.
Will update it soon, if I get any other new questions.

Contact me directly on voice calls. We can have a discussion. I can help you for a small fee. Depending upon the situation
and service, I may charge a small fee upfront to get things done. If you are okay with it, fine we can proceed to
get the issue resolved.

Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514


Country: India

Note: We will provide you the physical address, if appropriate.