custom email address + master email account + employee emails

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 email mrketing
email marketing

  1. Create domain email address for existing website. $12 only Ex: We use this to send/receive emails. Your customer or prospects trust domain based emails, than free services like yahoo/hotmail/gmail.

2. Email forwarding services.

Have lot of email address? Will it be good, if all other email accounts like gmail, yahoo, hotmail or other domain based emails, forwarded to a single email, so that it is easy to manage, instead of checking, each emails manually. Very popular and in demand service.  Cost $10 only (for single email forward, base fee)

for each extra emails, cost $2 each.


3. Create multiple domain based emails for your company/employees.

Ex: There are 3 persons in a company. tom, harry, linda

The emails, will be like,,

Each user will get an option to change the password. This domain based emails, look professional for your employees and increases visibility and awareness of the brand, due to its usage. It increases trust, because the email itself is coming from trustworthy domain/company.  (popular service)

The email service, looks exactly as shown in the video.


Other services:

We also provide bulk email marketing and newsletter designing services. We will create a high end email server like fortune 500 companies, for a small fee.

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