Email authority jacker course - Gmail ads power revealed.
Summon the power of email ads or genie to do your bidding.
This James Bond and Sherlock Holmes style email marketing strategy, is the best kept secrets of the media buying industry. Turn tides overnight to your advantage.


Best lead generation system: Average person checks their gmail inboxes, atleast thrice in a day and most of the people, spend most of their time in front of email inboxes, hangout and purchase directly certain products and services, they have seen on email. This is the best advertsing platform to reach new customers or laser targeted prospects for smart advertisors. Gmail ads are very powerful. Everybody checks their emails or inboxes.

Experience the power, reach and glory of  email ads. Configure like a pro. People are selling
high ticket products like cars, luxury items,real estate services, travel and jewellery using
this secret algorithm trick. Friends and consultants in advertising industry have requested me,
many times to pull this down. But I decided to make limited sales to help entrepreneurs
and small business owners and this offer or product may not exist if you come later.

I have personally configured email ads on behalf of high net worth clients like doctors, lawyers, high ticket products,services, luxury items, watches on behalf of my clients and have seen incredible results in different markets. To be frank, it all depends upon the nature of products or services, business, whether the product or service is in big demand in local markets or international markets, scarcity of that product in local market, trending product and many more external factors.

However, this increases the odds in favor of my client. Its pulling the market share of the competitors by leveraging the power of email algorithms. And the best part is, not even sending an single email and email algorithms looks after the process. Just run the email ad for 24 to 48 hours minimum and see the results and scale the campaign, if appropriate. This strategy will change the way how new startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners do business. 


 The below video, shows the power of gmail ads. I just run a test campaign for $10, for one of my client. Within a hour, he got 6000+ laser targeted impressions. His competitor is doing email marketing. I targeted the competitor domain and similar keywords. That means 6000+ people have seen his email ad. 636+ clicks. That means 636+ unique people  have visited the website, through email link.

The client received lot of
 phone calls, orders and request that particular hour. He called me and congratulated me, asked me to pause the campaign, as he has not able to handle such requests. Its a competative niche and the client was  new to the market. He never expected results like this. Remember it also depends upon the nature of product, service, business you are promoting.

If it is trending and highly conveting product, if it can solve  a
specific problem, you can expect lot of sales and enquiries, whatever. Depending upon the country you like you need to deposit minimum amount of $10 or $25 per day for the ads to run. Try this once , experience the results for your service or product for yourself and then scale up, if you like that. Thats how the traditional advertising works and I expect the same principle in online advertising.







Email authority  jacking  (underground traffic method using     gmail ads revealed)

Legally and ethically hijack your competitor email list or gmail database, with this secret algorithms trick.  No spam box. Look professional and skyrocket profits using this secret trick. 

 The course is designed in such a  way that, even a 10 year old kid can get started, within a hour.  Secret blueprint video tutorials, with step by step instructions.

      What exactly this course is about?

This course consists of 3 video tutorials, where I would walkover with the steps to configure gmail ads, avoid errors, tips and pointers and important checkpoints, where 80% of people go wrong and
it is clearly explained in video tutorials. I have configured a lot og gmail ads on behalf of my clients
and I am elaborating a simple and easy method to configure gmail ads correctly.

Video length - 3 videos = total 60 minutes in length + bonus video tutorial and references to use, if
you need any professional help for graphic design and professional email templates. (optional, not
required. Some are particular about branding and this is for them.)

I am a consultant. Based on my past experience while dealing with  clients, looking for gmail ads,
80% did it wrong and cant figure it out, with lot of errors and they also said that, there is no proper resource or blueprint on internet, with step by step instructions. They all give up configuring   
gmail ads after few frustrated attempts.
The most common error is
1. why is my email ad not running, despite configuring everything correctly?
2. Why I am not getting any clicks or impressions, despite 24 or 48 hours or more?

Answer to both of these questions is very simple. You have not selected a particular option, while configuring gmail ads. Even experienced
users, expert in all ads platforms, but new to gmail ads platform, go wrong here and asking these questions. Depending upon the
frequency of competation your ads will be live within few minutes or within 3 hours in some cases, once it is approved.

They make lot of phone calls to google team, to figure out, what went wrong. They find very difficult to understand the google ads dashboard or interface and some can't figure out even on phone.Ultimately  they hire a freelancer, a consultant or agency to get an gmail ad configured and keep it running, by paying hefty fees.

The process is very simple. This course gives a clear picture, how to configure 
gmail ads in simple and easy way possible for newbies, so that you can configure a gmail ad in 3 minutes and save lot of time and energy. I request personally, to practise this gmail ad 2 to 3 times, to get a perfect mastery over the system.

That is where, this video course, will come handy. We have designed in such a way that, even a newbie can understand and can become a pro in one hour.

95% of the advertisors or marketers cannot figure out this method and they give up. I learnt this through trial and error and this took me a month to learn a perfect method, and 
I am explaining a simple and easiest method, so any newbie can understand. 

I tested this "Email authority jacking" with few of my clients like 

1. One client who just started a new payment processor company got 10K leads in a week, using email ads alone. 

2. A new freelancer website, got 5000+ new registrations in a week, using this method.

Right now, there is virtually no competation, nobody is doing this, only less than 5% are aware of it and taking advantage of the secret system. 
90% of advertisors are aware og google search network, display partner network, youtube ads and so on. But only less than 5% know about " email authority jacker" method.

You can target your audience by competitor domains, the specific keywords they audience get in email, demographics like male, female, age, parent or not and more.
This is really something very big. The benefits are more.  Get instant authority and overnight traction with this unique email targeting method.

Course overview:

How to do email marketing like a punter, without an email list?
How to send emails to laser targeted leads in your niche, your competitor websites, without an email list?

Target any city or country in the world, with your local services and gain new leads, customers, prospects. Crush competation with a new innovative email marketing secret algorithms, which the advertising  industry doesn't want you to know.  Disregard the losses, there is lot of glory to be won. I want to restore the prestige of advertising industry, as it was in the dot com period. During 1990's it was very easy to rank a website, they just used to stick on page 1 of google. 

In this era, there are millions of websites competing in your same niche, and its almost difficult or sometimes imposssible to rank on page 1 of google. 

Also, the google dashboard or interface to configure email ads are tricky and 70% of my customers contact me to configure it on behalf of them, after many attempts.
As per them, there are no videos, resources, or step by step instructions giving a clear and accurate picture. There is a pain point. And I am going to relieve that, by
showing you a simple and easy method as possible, with newbies in mind, who have no knowledge about google dashboard or interface and never used it before.

Hidden opportunity: You can also charge $25, $50 or more/custom fee to configure email ads, on their behalf. Once approved and setup, they can run it for weeks or months. All edits are manually reviewed by google team.  Jump in and make the best use of this trend. 

So what exactly, I will get.

I will walkover with video tutorials, by elaborating a simple and easiest method, by configuring email ads using google dashboard or interface. Its tricky even for experienced advertisors, who are new for email ads, but my method is very simple and you can configure campaigns like a pro, in 3 minutes. (after mastery). The video length is around 48 minutes in total for 3 videos.  


I personally suggest to practise this once, twice, thrice, play around with the features for perfection. Nobody can become a pro overnight. I wish someone could have mentored me, when I started with. Lot of  time spent on trail and error, ads not getting approved, due to simple and common mistakes, lot of phone calls made to the google team, to figure out whats going wrong.

What if I don't buy this course?
You are leaving lot of money on the table. Email marketing is very powerful if done correctly. But for email marketing to do wonders, you need laser targeted email list, interested in your products or services. It takes lot of time, if not weeks, months and even a year, to build a highly responsive email list by organic method.

Using this innovative gmail ads technology, you can instantly target all the email subscribers of  your competitors, without even sending a single email and spamming. Also, email marketing rules in countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia are very tight. You  are not supposed to send an email to anyone, who didn't optin to your  email list or don't know you or don't have some kind of communication in the past. 77% of email subscribers prefer permission based email and they can opt out anytime, if they dont like to receive any further email from you.

Using our method, you stay within the rules and guidelines and gmail algorithms places your email ad, only in front of laser targeted leads  and those guys who are interested in your products or services. It also matters on how you configure your ad, based on competitor domains and money keywords.

90% of advertisors or marketers know about SEO, google adwords text ads, display ads, youtube ads. But only less than 5% know about gmail ads and the configuration is tricky, if you don't  have  a mentor to walk over with the steps. You will get lot of errors, while configuring, and you will delete the old ad and configure again and again, and you will get frustrated and finally give up, based on my 80% of my own clients experience. Trust me, the process is very simple. It only takes 3 minutes or less than 5 minutes to configure a winning gmail  ad.

Right now, the CPC and CPM is dirt cheap, since no other advertisors and marketers are playing here.Ad prices shoot up, when all the advertisors and marketers get into this platform and creates a  bidding war.

 I got average CPC around $0.05 per click and it may go upto $1.35 for high ticket products or if your competation is promoting same product as yours.
I got CPM (1000 impressions) for $10 and got lot of leads this way too. The key is laser targeted targeting.

I could have sold this course for atleast $250 and $50 for 30 minutes live support (optional). But I want you to find new leads, prospects using this powerful platform.

Cost $30 only (Instant access)

Note: In case if you have any issues with downloads, you
can contact me directly on skype or email. Wait for few hours, and I will respond in that case. Please check spam folder once, if you didn't receive members area access link.

For other payment methods, send an email to I will send you payment details.
We accept Skrill/Bitcoins/Paytm/ Bank transfer and other offline payment methods

Course author email: We are also available on skype and whatsapp calls.

My commitment:

Practise what is told in the video course, once, twice, thrice and many times. Make yourself  familiar with the interface, what tab to select and so on. Nobody becomes a pro overnight. Make sure you have microphone or headset, so talk we can have  a voice call in real time, and get your queries answered. Chatting takes lot of time, and for another 30 minutes, you need to pay again extra. In voice call and remote support, we can fix the issue in less than 5 minutes. Hope you understand. After configuring gmail ads, still if you are facing any issues, I can personally support you on team viewer or skype for 30 minutes for just $20 for 1 campaign, so that you never go wrong .

If you follow the steps as shown in the video course, you wont find any issues. But there are some guys, who wont even try anything and  come for support. If you cannot understand English, please don;t buy this course, because its a waste
of time for both. Communication matters.

I will explain 2 commonly used email ad formats by advertisors.

1. Gmail image ad (linking to your website, when somebody clicks on image ad, inside gmail)

2. Gmail Promotional template ad (image+ content + hyperlink ad ) Some advertisors use this to create professional emails

Any other requirement, let me know, I will prepare a video for the same if appropriate. I have also included dimensions, references to get things sone on your own
or with the help of graphic designers for professional formats.

Target market: All entrepreneurs, small and local business owners,ecommerce websites, internet business, agencies, consultants, individuals and more.
I could have sold this course for atleast $250 and $50 for live support (optional). But I want you to find new leads, prospects using this powerful ad targeting platform.

   Cost $30 only (Instant access)


Note: In case if you have any issues with downloads, you
can contact me directly on skype or email. Wait for few hours, and I will respond in that case. Please check spam folder once, if you didn't receive members area access link.

For other payment methods, send an email to I will send you payment details.
We accept Skrill/Bitcoins/Paytm/ Bank transfer and other offline payment methods

Course author email: We are also available on skype and whatsapp calls.

Early bird  launch price. The price will double in 2 days. Its just a price of a good meal at weekend with friends. Depending upon the value it creates in a small business owners life, advertisors and marketers life, Its a safe bet. Imagine winning new customers, prospects, leads, phone calls, enquiries on daily basis. The gmail algorithms, brings right audience for you, using targeting.

Alright, what about the results?
The results are directly proportional about the nature of products, services, business, trending or most in demand services. We have no control over them. However, you can try this platform once, invest atleast $25 and run gmail ads for atleast for 3 days or for a  week. See the responses. If converting well, you can scale it up.  But I have seen many success stories from my clients.  Out of nowhere, people came to know about their business and they experienced surge in sales, enquiries, new prospects, leads and more.

If you are saturated with competation by other advertisors on google adwords, youtube ads, display ad networks, this platform is dirt cheap and virtually there is no competation. 

By the end of this video tutorial, you will have full control on how to configure email ads like a pro  and avoid hefty fees from consultants, agencies, to  do this simple job. There is lot of value in it. I will also add new videos to members area, if appropriate.

Bonus video: I will also explain on how to configure logo image ad and dimensions and how to create simple image template, with  clickable link to your website.


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