Crazy SEO rankings for local, small and specialist niches l India

Crazy SEO rankings for local, small and specialist niches


There are certain keyword terms and phrases, which can be ranked very fast using whitehat SEO for local, small business and medium niches, which can bring you lot of new leads, enquiries and even sales depending upon the product/service if used correctly. It can give you lot of visibility and coverage then traditional advertising mediums.  Most of the traffic comes from google image search and even direct searches. There is lot of opportunity. Each and every project is different. It depends upon keyword, you are ranking for. I create beautiful eye catching custom images, where people click those images and land your website. I can give you few examples, if interested. Voice call on skype/whatsapp or phone, I can give a clear picture. l India


Most of the search terms can be ranked instantly in hours and few days.

Few examples are.

  1. Top restaurant in <town name> <city name>

Ex: saloon, beauty parlour, bakery, vehicle mechanic , plumber, electrician, handyman, computer service center, repair shop, any consultant, doctor, flower shop, pharmacy, spa, any hidden niches. l India

2. Lifestyle is changing and people are even asking to rank for certain terms in search engines. It is connected with model and glamour industry. Most of these traffic come from image search. People are visual and image SEO is powerful. I can give you few examples. A custom image can give you lot of clicks, visits to your website. Most of them, have even got new opportunities like artists, anchor, interviews and more. This is the most in demand service in the industry, which no one is talking about. l India

Few of the keywords, which can easily be ranked are

hot girl in <any city or town name>

(model, women, men, man, girl, boy, artist are few examples. A quick 3 min analysis for the given keyword phrase, I can tell you whether it can be instantly ranked or may take days. )

3. Hidden specialist niches like tattoo, therapy, yoga, gym, make up, mature niches, can get lot of views and visits through custom SEO.

I am not talking about google local places or yahoo/bing and other B2b sites, which charge a premium to get your business or service listed on them for a yearly fee, sometimes free. The traffic comes from google image search, and how many times have  you checked, google images or search websites below google local search and brought a service/product or contacted them. This is powerful for certain niches. Very economical than traditional mediums like TV, radio, newspapers, brochures, flyers. It just sticks there for some time or years and always pops up, when somebody searches for business of similar nature. l India

Note: Each and every project is different and unique. There are certain keyword phrases, which are highly competative and just cannot be ranked. I mean global and international search. But what I have mentioned above is for small business, medium, local and hidden specialist niches, which get lot of searches from google image search and other search engines. This can benefit certain business services and products a lot. I may not work with certain projects, which are prohibited in nature. A quick analysis of 3 to 5 min on voice call, I can give you a clear picture, and you may proceed, if appropriate. l India