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Web assets which bring cyclone of traffic and money making potential in long run. Most of the configuration starts $50. But these services bring money for lifetime, if monetized properly. Just drive traffic, encourage discussions, spread the word out.  You can place ads, others will pay you money to place ads on these sites, once it gets certain number of traffic.
You can also promote affiliate links and banners and  the potential is huge.

1. your own cloud website (to store all personal documents, images, documents)
Even rent others and charge monthly free for using it.
2. Link shortening services website.
3. Your own professional forums, newsboards, guestboards, bulletin boards
(Just drive traffic and place ads and you can make passive income.)
4. Your own social networking website, similar to facebook, twitter, myspace.
(easiest way to become popular and make money by monetising site with affiliate links)
5. Video sharing website like youtube.
6. Classified sites, Job portals, dating sites, directory sites
7. Image and gallery sites like picasa.
8. Intranet/Extranet website for your own office members/ colleagues/ secret friends circle
You can share documents, update case studies all in one place.
9. Your own file sharing website like rapidshare.
10. Wikipedia site
11. CMS site like wordpress
12. SEO web based automated site.
(this is a big bet. website owners will pay money for this service
everything is automated and you don’t need to lift the finger)
13. website visitor tracking service like google analytics
14. Chat room website.
15. Video chatroom/ audio/podcast /file sharing website.
16. Form  creator website for newbies.
17. Lead generation module web based for newbies (charge monthly fee for this)
18. ERP, Database, Poll/survey services website for newbies. (charge monthly fee for this)
19. Ticketing/consultation/ restaurant management website for newbies.
20. Helpdesk website like web forms/chat/email service for newbies. (charge monthly fee for this)
21. Question /Answers website like Yahoo answers, quora
22. Gaming websites like chess and 3d/2d games
23. Bulk email web based solution (with beautiful tracking reports for opens, clicks)
24. Auction websites like ebay/amazon
25. Ecommerce website and more, invoice generation services (automated) and more

Any other custom service you need, please contact me directly

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