Consulting and freelancer services

1. Configure facebook ads, twitter ads, youtube ads,
google adwords text ads, display ads, email ads, native ads,
media ads, reddit ads, stumbleupon ads, instagram ads, pinterest ads and more. (optimising ads to the core) flyers,brochures, graphics, logo,graphics for websites and personal use,discount coupons, letterhead,
visiting card graphics and more.

3. Help clients to get newsworthy content listed in top media outlets. (online media)

4. Design websites,blogs,forums and online stores.

5. Integrate payment gateways (Indian and international
payment gateways)

6. Install and configure ecommerce stores. Woocommerce,
shopify stores and more (can fix known issues and more)

7.Wordpress – fix known issues and troubleshooting.

8. Caching website and increase page load time, optimising and more.

9. Perform SEO and local seo. (analysis done and given estimate or quote)

10. Local seo services –> design website for local business,
google places local listing, yahoo places, bing, tripadvisor,
list in available b2b and b2c directories.Local citations and authority backlinks and signals.
11. Video seo (top service provider worldwide)
Bring client video top in google and youtube searches.
Consulting service provided to get more views, likes, subscribers and comments. We configure instream ads and
video discovery ads on google and youtube networks.

12. PPC campaigns services for top platforms (facebook is the best bet)

13. Organise small time artists worldwide with different accents and languages to speak about your products and services. Voiceover services also provided. We also create screen recorder videos on your behalf for your product/services or business, design animation videos, whiteboard videos, american/european video spokesperson videos and more. (top service provider)

14. Draft press releases and send multimedia content to top media outlets.
(contact me for more)

15.Do analysis on google trends, do keyword research and analysis of international
markets to promote specific business, product or services .
(I can give you analysis of ecommerce products that sell 100% on any specific countries.
Increase stakes for these products. contact me for same.)

16. Organise webinars for clients products and services. (all solutions)

17.Distribute flyers and brochures, billboard booking in foreign countries (selected countries
only. Contact me for same.) We can also design your text and display ads in newspapers, magazines and more.
(ad rate card)

18. Contact and help clients, business and talents which have high marketing potential and newsworthy content
to get possible media opportunities (Confidential PR campaigns. Contact me to know more. Majority of them are from
US,UK,canada and Australia media outlets and other european countries in the list)
19. Help client to get more social signals and followers organically in popular platforms like
facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and more.

20. Prepare image banners, infographics, relevant to product, service or business to share it on
facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, skype, websites, blogs and more.

21. design info products and launching it, ebooks, audio/video tutorials, screencast videos, animation videos, whiteboard videos,
Video spokesperson videos and more.

22. book publishing service (international. should be approved by our panel)

23. Get CD, DVDs and albums published in international markets.(for independant artist)

24. Do Google seo, to get natural and organic clicks from search engines

25. Coach clients on how to run ads, email marketing, design websites or more. I have configured a lot of facebook ads
for my clients and facebook is the king of advertising)

26. Get insights of competation, using special softwares for facebook and more.

27. Need a software. We can help it designed. I am a small time developer and I have designed and launched few scripts and bots
which can bring leads for any industry. (few exceptions. we need to know whether the details mentioned or your idea, or
all features will work in first place. Big checklist in this industry. Contact me for more.)

28. Viral marketing for certain products, services and business (curated content only)
(Top service provider. Contact me for more info. Big checklist here too)

29. Influencer services for facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pinterest (for all social media platforms)

30.Get content removed from google search like links, images, certain posts, pages, websites . I have a team, who are well connected with ISP and hosting companies worldwide. We can help you to remove any inappropriate videos,content, links, images from google search. (This is a big topic and we provide lot of
consulting services in this area. Contact me for the same.)

31. install SSL certificate, coach about digital signatures and more, DMAC questions and more.

32. configure business email/domain specific email /professional email for your brand.

33. Online reputation management services (confidential) landing pages, sales pages, marketing pages, custom website or webpage, facebook fanpages and draw neccessary traffic, twitter, youtube, instagram design headers and layouts, manage new accounts with visual and graphical content, design memes for brand, create mobile responsive theme/website and optimise them.

35.Email marketing server setup (coach client about standard email rules, can spam act 2003, single/double optin requirements and more) Note: Email marketing and electronic messages law are different for many countries. It is good to know this in advance.

36.Install and configure google analytics to track real time website traffic and email.

37. configure push notifications,security plugins, design email template,configure autoresponders like getresponse, mailchimp,aweber and more. (block certain people, location or country from viewing your website)

38. 1:1 coaching on teamviewer or skype on how to run campaigns on google adwords, text abd display ads, email ads, video ads, mobile app ads, native ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, pinterest ads, instagram ads, and also place ads in top online media or news websites.

39. Decide whether to go for shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, bandwidth, disk usage and resources needed are okay. Will help you to setup a dedicated server/ vps hosted website.
Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514


Note: For all services listed here, you need to have a conversation with me on phone, skype or whatsapp voice call
and then move forward, if it suits your requirement. No texting, chatting. Serious voice calls only.We provide a lot of services and most of them are not included in the list. Contact me directly, if you need to get things done.