Censor blur and pixelate videos and photos freelancer and expert services


Censor blur and pixelate videos and photos freelancer and expert services

There should be a need to  blur face, body, objects or jewellery, background for interviews, talking about something private or intimate moments. Pixelation and mosiac blur services are the most asked service. You need to learn how to use the software and buy expensive software to do this. So that is where, our help can save lot of time and money.

Even photo’s, photoshoot, videoshoot, semi nude and private honeymoon videos can be blurred, pixalated. There are certain projects, we don’t work through. But many people need our help to blur the faces, body, moving object, jewellery, watch and anything in background. People use this for privacy and ethical reasons. Some people need this for auditions and other personal reasons.

Note: Only provide your own photos or videos. Don’t provide me any copyrighted material. There are certain projects, which I may not work with. People value privacy and I will delete all the footage and photo, once work is over. We can have a voice talk about it. We understand privacy and client confidentiality is the main concern. That is the reason, we are scheduling a voice or video call. You can then decide after 3 to 5 min conversation to proceed or not. But no time wasters please.

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Things needed from you, to get started.

  1. Video or photograph (upload video or photos to google drive and send me the link)
  2. we will have a voice or video call on skype, for better understanding . I am also active on whatsapp/ phone.

You just provide me the time stamps of the video, and I will look after the rest. Ex: Blur face from 1:25 to 2:23. Mosiac blur and pixelate nude video, photograph and selfie and adult private videos.  For photos, just tell me what to blur and black effects. (voice call or video call can clear all doubts)

3. Time taken to complete the project?

Depending upon the project, video length, photos given, it may take some time. Ex: A 5 min video, may take 20 min to 40 min, depending upon multiple things to blur, swirl and pixelate like moving face, body, other objects. Only blurring face of a video, takes less time. We can have a talk about it, during voice call.

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email: info@inbizsoftware.com

Note: Schedule a meeting through email, and I will schedule voice or video call on skype or whatsapp/phone for better understanding, before working with the project.  (Don’t just directly call me. I may be engaged in some other project or work. Please send email first and wait for response. No time wasters please. )

There are certain projects, which we may not work, if appropriate.

So what is pixelation?

display an image of (someone or something) on television as a small number of large pixels, typically in order to disguise someone’s identity.