Viral animated images power (attract leads and prospects)

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Animated images, are tested and proven ways to get new leads, customers or enquiries for your business. It’s just irrestible. It has higher probability to get likes, clicks to website links, shares.

You can share this animated images on facebook, twitter, pinterest, whatsapp, popular mobile messengers, reddit, inside email and other popular social media networks.

We suggest to brand these animated images, with your phone number/ company name/website url to get maximum potential reach.

I personally use twitter and whatsapp to get maximum viral reach.

I have 1 million+ animated images for all possible niches/industry. Niches can be tourism/leads/social media/real estate/local business/doctor/plumber/ or any service based business.

Popular package:

$10 for 3 animated images in any industry or niche. 

$25 for 10 animated images. (popular among my clients). You can rotate this images on social media/whatsapp on daily basis. 

Information needed to get started:

  1. Name of industry/niche (plumber/doctor/internet consultant)
  2. what do I need to put on animated images? Ex: Company name/website url/phone number.

Send this details to my email address:

If in doubt,please contact me directly on voice call before order.

No chatting/typing. Voice calls only, due to lot of orders.

Delivery time: 2 hours to 10 hours (depending upon queue)

Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Email id:


Few of popular viral animated images. (note: we have no control over results. It depends upon the way, you promote on social media.)

These animated images, brought me lot of enquiries, leads, sales, new prospects. Just  a few examples, of how powerful they are, if done correctly.

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email mrketing.
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