About us

About us

I am a Freelance SEO consultant and professional blogger based in Kochi, Kerala. Country: India. A lot of business owners worldwide,  contact me on daily basis to help them in SEO, get started with email marketing, graphics design, create animation and commercial videos, Content, advertising, marketing,run ads on popular portals, online media or ads space buying in popular websites, setup a home studio and many interesting things. Read this blog post to know more and how we can help you, to scale your business. Each and every project is unique and different and a quick analysis will do. 70% of my customers are a part of my other consulting business and rest come from google search, social media and referrals from my past customers.

I also have other consulting business, which I am doing full time since 2011, and I am doing SEO consulting on the side. If I find a client with big project and potential to increase revenues for them, I may decide to do SEO full time on behalf of their web properties.  You can interview about me, to know more  about my SEO skills, my communication skills and writing or blogging style. I always blog on my web properties and I am ranking no 1 or first page for certain keywords in global search, which brings me lot of organic traffic on daily basis. It depends upon the size of niche and competation. I also create videos on youtube for my clients, which is also ranking well on google and youtube.

A voice or video call on skype or whatsapp, can give a clear picture. I have an astrology  consulting business, that is how I get 70% of SEO clients or leads, without marketing.Rest of the traffic comes from google search, referrals from my past clients, and word of mouth marketing by by friends, whom I have worked or collaborated in the past.

People know SEO or local SEO can help a lot for their business, their store, consulting firm, but have no much idea or whom to approach. I am not talking about big players, but small business owners. They heard about SEO from friends, colleagues, internet, email, flyers or print media.

Note: If I get a big SEO project, with lot of potential to generate revenues or profits for my clients, I may stop astrology consulting business, which I am doing through online consultation and I have clients or customers worldwide for the same. Also any partnership, if it as a good potential to generate revenues for your business, I may think about working full time on SEO. I know how to index any new blog post for a brand new or old  website, within few minutes. I use simple white hat methods. Generally people wait for days, weeks or months, just to see their website or web pages visible on google.

Please contact me, if you need the URL of my astrology site. Most of the people are excited and amazed, when they find their brand new website ranking on google, using my white hat methods.

Most of my clients from astrology business are CEO of big companies, directors, managers, decision makers, small business owners, service providers, have a product to sell, consulting and different niches.  Most of them have a business and they find my SEO services relevant to their business. I work selectively, only if I find their business model can generate revenue through search engines. Otherwise not. We can have a talk about it anyway.

I also have  social media strategy and other methods to get lot of traffic fast. We use white hat methods only. For serious customers or clients, who want to work with me, I can show this on skype, the search terms we are ranking for a particular keyword. Even I can create a 5 min video and email you the link.

Each and every industry or niche is different. An analysis is important. Domain authority, age, page rank,quality content, link building, google algorithms and many metrics to consider. We are monitoring the changes, by SEO experiments on my own sites and following industry leaders in SEO.

I have helped many people after post panda and penguin update. I have fixed many indexing and crawl issues, fixed broken links and images, created an unique content marketing strategy by writing quality content, which people wants to read. Link building strategies are important depending upon the industry. We are familiar with web master tools and its analytics. I also have used  a lot of SEO softwares and extensions, plugins in the past to monitor metrics, keywords and competation. Guest blogging is a different topic.

I have few interesting blog posts, which is generating ton of responses and leads, curiosity, excitement and amazement. Many small business owners worldwide, contact me to help with their website, SEO, site navigation, do content audit, SEO audit, fix webmaster tools issues, overcome and fix any penalty, tracking analytics, create graphic designs and custom images, edit videos with text and graphics on it, reputation management, remove malware and protect web assets from hackers or competation.


I have also helped many people to setup a home or office studio for youtube channel, the lighting issues, the simple and cheap equipments to buy, increase glow on face and skin or full body  using lighting and basic skin makeup. (most of them have no idea and I have helped on this regard) Even models, artists contact me to learn about video editing and instant makeup tricks. There are 2 kinds of lighting, say natural light and artificial light. The shade of different lights, when it falls on your face, create a glowing effect. Don’t worry if you are dark skinned, either face or body. We can instantly fix this using makeup and lighting settings. I have the portable equipments.

A lot of people call me, only to know this trick. The talking style, the exact script, the accent, I have trained many people. We also help our clients to secure their web properties, social media accounts from hackers and competitors.

We represent likes and interests of small business owners in particular(with a budget) We support all english speaking markets. Due to the new trends online, there is a big potential to make profits for business owners. I am doing seo since 2011, for my friends and my own personal projects. That is the way, I have gained first hand experience. I strictly follow webmaster guidelines of all search engines.

We also connect with PR, media outlets, journalist, media of various countries, to land a PR opportunity for my clients, if it matches with their requirements. Media outlets worldwide, are always looking for sources. It can be online newspapers, radio, TV documentary, print media and magazines. Even luck and timing has a lot to do with it.  It is an opportunity to get more business from internet. Your potential customers are searching on internet to
buy your products, services, connect with your business and more.
Online visibility will bring you lot of leads, sales, phone enquiries, conversions, awareness about your brand.

Traditional platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads can get you offline clients. But internet can get you more clients, which is otherwise not possible, using traditional channels.It’s like a virtual sales person, talking on your behalf 24/7. I also run PPC campaigns for all industries. Facebook ads and google adwords and Youtube is the king of advertsing.Once you rank in search engines, you get all the traffic for free. SEO gives best ROI, than any other traffic generation methods.

We have run many campaigns on behalf of real estate, ecommerce stores, fashion and clothing brands, luxury goods, mobile accessories and computers, hotel, tourism, travel and more. (confidential agreement)

I have 9+ years of experience in PPC campaigns.I can also coach you on skype with voiceover if interested. We are experienced in google adwords, youtube ads, display banners, facebook and twitter ads, reddit, stumbleupon ads,bing ads, instagram ads, snapchat ads. Media buying, native ads,mobile ads and more.
I can also help you to get your content displayed on top media sites like BBC, CNN (online websites). I also helped many people to develop and tweak landing pages, psychology, pricing for conversion rate optimisation. (It depends upon your product, service, business and market conditions)

I also do photography using my android phones, and helped my clients to build a portfolio in various headshots, bodyshots, different lighting conditions, business suits, casuals, outdoor photography during sunrise and sunset, parks, garden, different locations. People have got good responses, dating proposals, business opportunities and connections using this. DSLR camera not required, even though it has lot of advanced features. Also, DSLR camera is costly for many, and for small projects or shoots, good android or iphone will do.

A good android phone can do, provide you know about lightening and shooting in various angles.

Confidence on camera is very important, the content you are speaking, lighting conditions, skin makeup, the accent makes a big difference. I have given them a script to speak about, trained them in english communication skills and neutral accent. Many people acquired lot of enquiries and business connections this way.

If you have any business, product or service to speak about them in front of camera in English, demonstrate about their use and benefits, or start an youtube channel for speaking about various products, I can help you on this.

I also help my clients with Email marketing for newbies and train them, create viral and custom images or graphics banners, which have brought lot of leads and conversions, enquiries for my clients. Some have even went viral on mobile networks.

We also provide mobile marketing services in the past for whatsapp, viber, telegram, wechat, line, skype, icq by connecting with top influencers.

Contact me, if interested. If you have a business, service or product, but if you are not seeking the help of local seo or SEO consultant you are leaving lot of money on the table to your competitors.

I can get you cheap clicks as low as $0.01 $0.05 in bing networks. (zero competation niches for certain keywords)
Video views as low as $0.02, $0.0005 (youtube and facebook videos)
Google adwords (understanding search engine user intent)
Facebook $0.01 $0.03 clicks for USA traffic and more (laser targeted)

Note: Ad networks are very competative and prices may change within months, because it works like bidding. An experienced advertisor or marketer can understand, what I am talking about and the value, that can bring to your business. We also handle reputation management and we need to look the project in detail.

SEO consulting $100 per hour (will give all kind of suggestions about website, navigation, content, ranking, fix issues, avoid penalty and more)

Content audit $50 for 30 minutes

Quick SEO audit $50 for 30 minutes

Contact me directly on phone or skype, if you need more information. Any concerns let me know. We can have a talk.

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email id: info@inbizsoftware.com