About us

About us

I am a consultant based in Kochi, Kerala. Country: India
We represent likes and interests of small business owners.(with a budget)
We support all english speaking markets.
Due to the new trends online, there is a big potential to make profits for business owners.
It is an opportunity to get more business from internet. Your potential customers are searching on internet to
buy the products, services, connect with your business and more.
Online visibility will bring you lot of leads, sales, phone enquiries, conversions, awareness about your brand.
Traditional platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads can get you offline clients.
But internet can get you more clients, which is otherwise not possible, using traditional channels.
It’s like a virtual sales person, talking on your behalf 24/7.

I also run PPC campaigns for all industries. Facebook ads and google adwords is the king of advertsing.
We have run many campaigns on behalf of real estate, ecommerce stores, fashion and clothing brands, luxury goods,
mobile accessories and computers, hotel, tourism, travel and more. (confidential agreement)

I have 5+ years of experience in PPC campaigns.I can also coach you on skype with voiceover if interested.
We are experienced in google adwords, youtube ads, display banners, facebook and twitter ads, reddit, stumbleupon ads,bing ads. Media buying, native ads,mobile ads and more.
I can also help you to get your content displayed in top media sites like BBC, CNN (online websites)

Contact me, if interested. If you have a business, service or product, but if you are not seeking the help of local seo,
you are leaving lot of money on the table to your competitors.

I can get you cheap clicks as low as $0.01 $0.05 in bing networks. (zero competation niches)
Video views as low as $0.02, $0.0005 (youtube and facebook videos)
Google adwords (understanding search engine user intent)
Facebook $0.01 $0.03 clicks for USA traffic and more (laser targeted)

An experienced advertisor or marketer can understand, what I am talking about and the value, that can bring to your business.

Contact me directly on phone or skype, if you need more information.

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 7736569514

Email id: savior@inbizsoftware.com