Media buying deals and creatives

Media buying deals and creatives

Creative advertising benefits and new horizons:

There is a big change happening in all parts of the globe.
The way people live, interact and communicate has changed. People are hooked with internet and most of the time, they are surfing google, youtube and social media for relevant info. Business of any nature, need the services of local seo expert.

Advertising is the lifeline of many business. Do you know how big search engines like google and social media sites like facebook
sell their advertising space to advertisors. But many people advertising in these platforms have made advertising very costly and trend will increase. Everybody is bidding for ad space, and the highest bidder wins the bid, gets maximum impressions and clicks first.

I will show you something, which is instant and you can get started in a hour or day. We will provide you all the instructions to get started. These are the cheapest modes of advertising and suits everyone budget, whether you may be a small business owner, entrepreneur, have any product or service to promote and many different verticals and sectors. For  newbies, we can also help you get started. 

Did you visit a news website, a blog or any website like hosting, ecommerce, entertainment or any niche, and the ad of that website follows you where ever you go on internet, like while watching an youtube video, a video of their product or service pop up, an overlay ad in youtube like text ads or graphic ads. The ads also follow you on mobile apps, while browsing your favorite sites, news sites, entertainment website. Such advertising is set by the advertiser. We can help you to set those ads for you in popular websites, to promote your business, product or service, without any technical knowledge or experience. We will even design the creatives and ad. You only need to add budget to continue the advertising as per your limit. Don’t alter the settings.

We can also manage the campaign on your behalf and provide daily updates over
call for extra fee. This will bring you lot of targeted traffic or visitors to your website, video, business, product or service, who might be interested. Most of the business are doing this advertising, and majority of small business owners,
entrepreneurs, individuals don’t know where to start. Your competition is doing this and is capturing all the new customers and business, related to your industry. A lot of business owners, contact me on daily basis to help them with
advertising and get started. This kind of advertising requires close monitoring for few days, lot of issues and troubleshooting for newbies, like why ads are not running even though everything is correct and most common
error and fixes. That is where our service, comes to help for serious business owners.

Note: All big and medium companies have IT infrastructure, agency and in house team to look after the advertising and marketing needs. We cater to small business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals who have no experience in media buying and where to get started on a budget. Perhaps  you have just started a website, a blog, an ecommerce website, have a great idea that can solve people or market problems or  just need to promote a service or product fast and have no time to invest in trail and error, which is time consuming and lengthy. We made advertising very affordable for such business and verticals. I will help you to tap local, national and international markets. It depends upon the nature of business, product or service. 

Business of all verticals are welcome. Ex: Gambling, dating, adult. The traditional advertising channels and networks, doesn’t allow such content. 

However, we don’t deal with certain prohibited goods or services or anything we feel appropriate. A lot of small and medium companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals contact me on daily basis, for help with advertising. 


Unlike traditional advertising, you don’t need to book an ad slot in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio ads, billboards and wait for days or for a week or more for your ad to run. You can get started immediately. We will design all the creatives.

The demand for these services have increased, and most of the customers come from referrals of past loyal subscribers and repeat customers. Each and every project is important and we need to do a quick analysis.

We create stunning and eye catching graphics, custom images with SEO optimised, logos and infographics, newsletters which brings you lot of enquiries, calls, foot traffic, leads or prospects. Most of the specialist website for certain niches rank well in google and it turns out to be the biggest asset for business owners. These high graphics posts do get lot of organic shares and thus boost rankings. Page retention is important ranking factor ie, how many minutes new visitors spend on your page. A well designed graphics images with SEO optimised can boost rankings. Each and every project is different. A quick 5 minute analysis, we can see, what can be done. We also follow Whitehat SEO methods and strict webmaster guidelines.

Visit  “About us” page to know more about us.

We also do video editing, with lot of overlays, with texts and sub titles, so that people can understand what the video is about during commuting or travel on train/ bus, because there is text or sub titles parallel to video. Even people who cannot understand the video or language, can easily understand using the sub titles and also it is SEO optimised, which may also a ranking factor.


If you need fast rankings, or just brought a new domain in the niche, there is a method to buy established domains with good authority and metrics (need professional help) and any new content will be visible in google in 2 weeks or more. We used to do this,for certain speciality niches and those who need a good traction over the competation. Contact me for the same. Each and every niche or industry is different. I can set it up for you, and there is a fee for the same.

Mobile devices have become very dominant nowadays.
70% internet searches happen through mobile devices and only 30% are desktop searches. Local seo expert can help you to provide a new advertising opportunity, a new channel of customers, depending upon your nature of business.

Local seo consultant company expert India
In that, 2 out of 5 searches are about people looking for local business.
People are looking for services like restaurant, plumber, electrician, lawyer, doctor and many profiles through google search. The business listed in top 7 pack in google search gets the lion share of visitors and they get deals, enquiries and secure contracts, because they are in top page of google. Your store or shop,business visibility is a must in today’s internet age. People are looking to buy products or services, through internet.

Have no time and technical expertise, on how to do this? Is it complicated for you? Don’t worry local seo expert can do this on your behalf, for a specific fee. We will do an analysis and explain briefly, what can be done, before starting with the project.
Already have a business and everything listed on internet? That’s great!! Local seo expert can help you to rank even better. Even change the look of the website, or revive them to showcase your products or services. Its like a virtual showroom or a sales guy communicating with the your prospects or your new customers 24/7 and 365 days on your behalf.

Depending upon the nature of your business, these stakes, will bring more leads and customers. We can even include professional videos of your products or services for maximum engagement. It’s better to have a highly responsive website, than your competation. This is what makes your prospects tick, for a buying decision.

whitehat seo - instant indexing on google bing yahoo search engines

Local seo expert can help you to get your business listed on google and all the possible local directories called citations to boost the ranking. However, there are some highly competative niches, where competation is very severe in local search or for a search phrase, say for ex: hotel, tourism.

These are the guys, with very big SEO budgets, and things change over time.

A large number of people are using internet, to search local business, compared to traditional mediums like newspaper, magazines, yellow pages and more.
The best example for this trend is, when you commute on train, bus, see the number of people surfing with mobile handset.

You are missing a big deal of business, if you are not visible in local search, and simply throwing lot of money on the table, to your competitors.

Right now, google is giving lot of importance to local business. Google wants to display the exact business, what the customer is looking for, based on relevant business, reviews, proximity, and website ranking factors. Local seo expert, can do this job on your behalf.
In a big city, business like lawyer,doctor,dentist,plumbers, electricians, beauty parlour and more have made a fortune, just because their business is visible on google local search. This is the most in demand business, in the world now.

Customers are looking for different products or services using internet. Local seo expert knows, what these keyword phrases are.How optimised the website is, for the local searches is also very important. Right now, google is also giving lot of importance to local website ranking factors.I am also a professional web designer and can also give a custom quote for the same.

Note: Please don’t let the hungry customers very eager to buy your products or services slip by, or by default your competitor gets the lions share of deals from internet, just because your business is not listed on local searches.

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email id:

local seo consultant expert india advertising


Email marketing and unlimited smtp server services (Old beast is still popular)

send unlimited autoresponder emails server
send unlimited bulk emails
send unlimited emails smtp server

send unlimited autoresponder emails server

Basic email server setup. (special offer)

Cheap and affordable for starters. Contact me directly to know more. (24/7)

Ping me on whatsapp for fast responses.

Whatsapp/ phone +91 9605799514


I have 3 options for you. Choose the one, which suits for you.

  1.  Credit based emails (You need to provide me a domain name or I will buy a domain name to host email.) Delivery time: within 24 hours.           Contact me directly if interested.


2. Unlimited smtp server for email marketing available.

You have full power and control with unlimited smtp server. The old beast is still powerful. No restrictions and limitations. (Help you with setup, if newbie)

You can send 100K emails per day and more, depending upon plan. Delivery time: within 24 hours. Valid for 1 month and you can continue if appropriate.

Also any concerns about pricing or any other questions welcome.  Contact me directly if interested.


3. Email authority jacker: I have launched a new course on internet, where you can laser target prospects without email database and smtp server.  Have a look.

The video course demonstrates, how any newbie can become  a superstar overnight, by leveraging the power of email ads for entrepreneurs and small business owners.



Whatsapp/ phone +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email id:


Crazy SEO rankings for local, small and specialist niches

Crazy SEO rankings for local, small and specialist niches


There are certain keyword terms and phrases, which can be ranked very fast using whitehat SEO for local, small business and medium niches, which can bring you lot of new leads, enquiries and even sales depending upon the product/service if used correctly. It can give you lot of visibility and coverage then traditional advertising mediums.  Most of the traffic comes from google image search and even direct searches. There is lot of opportunity. Each and every project is different. It depends upon keyword, you are ranking for. I create beautiful eye catching custom images, where people click those images and land your website. I can give you few examples, if interested. Voice call on skype/whatsapp or phone, I can give a clear picture.


Most of the search terms can be ranked instantly in hours and few days.

Few examples are.

  1. Top restaurant in <town name> <city name>

Ex: saloon, beauty parlour, bakery, vehicle mechanic , plumber, electrician, handyman, computer service center, repair shop, any consultant, doctor, flower shop, pharmacy, spa, any hidden niches.

2. Lifestyle is changing and people are even asking to rank for certain terms in search engines. It is connected with model and glamour industry. Most of these traffic come from image search. People are visual and image SEO is powerful. I can give you few examples. A custom image can give you lot of clicks, visits to your website. Most of them, have even got new opportunities like artists, anchor, interviews and more. This is the most in demand service in the industry, which no one is talking about.

Few of the keywords, which can easily be ranked are

hot girl in <any city or town name>

(model, women, men, man, girl, boy, artist are few examples. A quick 3 min analysis for the given keyword phrase, I can tell you whether it can be instantly ranked or may take days. )

3. Hidden specialist niches like tattoo, therapy, yoga, gym, make up, mature niches, can get lot of views and visits through custom SEO.

I am not talking about google local places or yahoo/bing and other B2b sites, which charge a premium to get your business or service listed on them for a yearly fee, sometimes free. The traffic comes from google image search, and how many times have  you checked, google images or search websites below google local search and brought a service/product or contacted them. This is powerful for certain niches. Very economical than traditional mediums like TV, radio, newspapers, brochures, flyers. It just sticks there for some time or years and always pops up, when somebody searches for business of similar nature.

Note: Each and every project is different and unique. There are certain keyword phrases, which are highly competative and just cannot be ranked. I mean global and international search. But what I have mentioned above is for small business, medium, local and hidden specialist niches, which get lot of searches from google image search and other search engines. This can benefit certain business services and products a lot. I may not work with certain projects, which are prohibited in nature. A quick analysis of 3 to 5 min on voice call, I can give you a clear picture, and you may proceed, if appropriate.

why is my website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines? I can help you.

You have brought a new domain and hosted a brand new website, hoping search engines will index it and bring traffic. An average person or a complete newbie, thinks so.

Trust me, I know how frustating it is, when I got started. Depending upon how competative the niche is, search engines can take weeks or months to just index a site and it’s pages. But you don’t need to wait any longer. We can index any content within a hour. (Make sure the content is of good quality, highly engaging to visitors for additional boost, shares and lot of referral traffic and backlinks, if people share it.)

why is my website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines? I can help you. Solution? 

I have a method to index your new or old website instantly on google and other search engines. I just takes less than a hour, using this method. We just tell search engines, we have a new website and content and bots and crawlers will instantly crawl it. I hope you are familiar with google webmaster guidelines ie, google only indexes high quality pages in its database. Content is still the kind. A lot of other factors also play like authority and how aged the domain is, for bots to be crawled frequently.

whitehat seo - instant indexing on google bing yahoo search engines

Cost: $25 (to instantly index upto 15 pages)

Things needed from you to get started? 

  1. A google account, to add website to webmaster tools. I need username and password. ( Create a seperate account for this purpose)

2. Your web hosting cpanel username and password.

3. Your CMS username and password.

That’s all. I will look after the rest. We can have  a discussion for few minutes on whatsapp and skype voice calls, so that you will get a clear picture.

Note: There are some cases, where google will tell us to fix the issue of webpage, say malware, hacking issues, duplicate content or any hidden issues. In that case, I will suggest certain simple modifications to page and we can submit such pages later. We always follow google webmaster guidelines.

We will also fix any sitemap issues, robots.txt and AMP for a small fee. (Imp for new and old websites for visibility in search engines. 


why is my new or old website not indexed or visible on google, yahoo and bing search engines?

Google only indexes high quality pages,which provides some content or value by default which is helpful to visitors. Few pages or posts, not been indexed is perfectly normal. You need to work on content of pages and fix any errors on google webmaster tools, if appropriate. It is the technical part. We can do the indexing part for you.

Local seo consultant company expert India

Other services, you might be interested:

Other references:!_Search



Best Social Signals Package Available

The Best Social Signals Package Available

Social Signals

I will provide you 1600 Social Signals from the Top 3 Social Media Networks!

This is currently the most purchased social signals package on the internet.

An overwhelming amount of research shows that social signals are a MUST for ranking in Google in 2017!

Without social signals from Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin you will not rank your website.


Cost : $50 only
Rs 3500 only
Delivery time: 7 days


  • 250+ Linkedin Signals!*
  • 250+ Twitter Signals!*
  • 1100+ Facebook Signals!*

Our social signals are not bots, they are created by 100% real, honest to God human beings.

*Totals are approximate. Overall total will be no less than 1600 though.

All Kinds Of Sites Accepted Including

  • YouTube Videos!
  • Websites, Blogs, Web 2.0!
  • Virtually any other type of link!

*Only 1 URL per order

*You WILL NOT receive URLs of shares.

***This is a one time blast, dripfeed is not available***

You are going to be asked to give me a link to a site, video, or other property that will then be shared , liked, retweeted etc… this is NOT to give you likes etc… on your existing profiles.

You will be provided with a screenshot and a link to a social signals checker so that you can verify that the job was done.

*Sending social signals to a Facebook page IS possible; however they often will not show up in social signals checking tools such as AHrefs. You acknowledge that you understand this when you purchase this service.

*Twitter Signals no longer show up in signal checking tools due to a n API update by Twitter ( so I may not be able to provide proof of those. You acknowledge this when you purchase this service.


Optional services:

Note: you need to pay me extra for these services.
Basic package :$50 mandatory

Guaranteed 36 Hour Delivery $20
Add 100 G+ Signals (Not Available With 36 Hour Delivery) $12
Add 125 Pinterest Signals $12
Add 3000 Facebook Signals $20
Add 1000 More Linkedin Signals $14
5000 More Twitter Signals And 1000 More Facebook Signals $45
Add A Syndwire Blast $14
Add A Source Machine Blast $16

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08



Configure private email server for hire (very popular setup, featured in media worldwide)


I will configure private email server for you, with all the modern and security protocols. There is lot of buzz about private email server in news, media and social media platforms.
It is bit sophisticated setup, but we know how to get it done.  A year ago, people worldwide are switching to private email server to avoid spying, snooping email inboxes by government and agencies.

Even the rich and elite are using private email server as a status symbol.
Its similar to ferrari, starbucks, apple brands they use for show and pomp,power, prestige whatever.
You can talk about this as a matter of prestige, with your friends, colleagues and possessing private email server is itself like a “status symbol”.

private email server setup freelancer hire
Also, you need to find out or figure out experts to do this for you.
We specialize in configuring private email server for our clients.
I am a consultant and I can help you on this. Contact me directly on skype, whatsapp, phone or email and I will help you out.
One time cost $100 only to setup.
delivery time: within 24 hours (few exceptions)
Uptime 99% to send and receive emails.
Basic plan : monthly renewal is around $7 only.
(Debited each month from your card)

Its infrastructure is similar to gmail, yahoo, hotmail. But you have full control.

Our clients include corporates, agencies, consultants, industralist, businessman,
Vip, celebrities, politicians and more.

JV, agencies and consultants welcome.

Contact us:

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/ phone +91 7736569514

Note: You can even sync 3 or 4 domains to send emails (optional) and even hosting account (optional)
Contact me, we can have discussion.



1. Do I need to buy any physical server from my end?
No, you dont need to buy any gadgets. This will save $1000 to $5000 dollars for setup alone. Remember recent Hillary clinton email in the news. Since then, people have a big craze worldwide to known private email server, instead of free emails like gmail, yahoo to avoid spying by agencies.

2.What is the cost for setup?

$100 (I will provide the link, you can buy from them and once verified instantly or after few hours, you get confirmation from them, just provide me the access details to configure server on their infrastructure.

3. Server uptime?

Server uptime is 99% and the provider we refer as good reputation. Only use this server to send and receive emails. The main purpose of this server is to avoid government and spy agencies from snooping or reading our emails. If you care for your email privacy and secrecy, go for this.

4. Can we use this server for bulk emailing?

I suggest a strong no. Modern day email servers need double optin emails. If you send a email to random persons in bulk, and if they get lot of spam complaints, they may close your account. We have different server for bulk emailing, contact me and I will help you on this.

5.client base or who use private email server?

Our clients include corporates, agencies, consultants, industralist, businessman, Vip, celebrities, politicians and more.

6. Can I access email from mobile and anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can access email from any mobile, anywhere in the world. The good thing is you dont need to hire a person to manage physical server. We setup this in cloud encrypted and once setup, there is no maintainance required.

7. My purpose is bulk emailing. Can you provide me an smtp server for that?

Contact me on chat for the same. My question is whether do you have single optin, double optin or just brought a random database or list from a vendor? Thanks


Virtual CD revolution (incredible strategies revealed)

New technology to save thousands of dollars on CD, DVD and even
blue ray discs.

PC gamers, Software professionals, developers, agencies, consultants, or if you are the one always shelling out money for CD DVDs or have a huge stock piles of disc and CD bags, this is for you.

My story:

I have a consultancy/agency and I always have a huge stockpile of discs to maintain, most of them game cds, documents, Linux softwares, linux os, PDF and lot of other collection in the clutter. I always need to carry the CD case, pouch or bag while travelling and the risks of this pouch being misplaced, damaged during
travel or stolen is very high.

Sometimes, I even use to keep a copy of 2 discs, just be to be safe and pro active for important files. So we need to shell out money for CD and DVD again.

Also most of the linux cd and other softwares gets corrupted due
to just 1 or few scratches on cd, which happens ocassionaly.
Also, the life span of cd/dvd is around 15 to 25 years as per industry standards.

Then I started to search internet for reliable solutions, to create exact replica of image, burn them to CD, create virtual disk, free physical disk drive of computer, keep virtual copies of CD, just like you keep a physical CD/DVD.

Target market : Advertisors, marketers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, cloud solutions fans, PC gamers, software professionals, developers, agencies, consultants and more.

The whole world needs this information. If you are the one using CD, DVD in daily life, you need this course.

Most of the them,have a trial and comes with many limitations and
restrictions and you are compelled to buy, say if you want to use
it after a week or month. Also there is no single software or solution to do all these jobs.

For days, I  tested and reviewed few softwares and luckily
I was able to find a reliable solution for each, by trial and error method. Yes, once you know these tools you never need to pay a penny for lifetime for softwares, buying CD or DVD.

Just make a virtual copy of all disk, store it on desktop/laptop or external hard disk, when you need it just mount/unmount it, without even a physical CD. You don’t need that cloud backup or hosting solutions and pay hefty amount for monthly/yearly membership,just because you care for your data.

There are certain gaming softwares and programs, which by default you have to run your disk drive to use it. Using these tools, you can exactly take a virtual copy and play, without heating the hard disk or disk drive. I mean for serious gamers, developers and software professionals, even common people need this solution.

So what exactly this course is about?

The course consists of 5 video tutorials, almost 20 to 25 minutes
in total length. All the methods are newbie friendly, simple and effective and even a 10 year old kid and 75 year old person can follow it.

I will walkover with exact steps on video tutorials.
There are 5 different softwares mentioned, almost 2 mb to 5 mb in
length. within 2 to 5 mouse clicks you are set.

There is no catch and all the resources mentioned are free and
reliable. (newbie and user friendly)

The topics covered in this video course are

1. How to convert a folder to iso file?

2. How to extract any iso image and view its contents?

3. How to create a virtual copy of any disk, CD case or collection and play directly on PC, without physical CD?
(lifesaver, people all over the world need this info now)

Do this for all your CD, DVD, take a backup and keep that
external hard disk in a safe place.

4. How to create iso file in simple steps ?

5. How to burn iso image to CD/DVD and how to create a bootable pendrive, so that you never have to burn them into CD and DVD. Saves on ton of money in your life.

Note : For Bootable pendrive, nowadays pendrives are available in the size of 8gb, 32 gb and even 64 gb or more. The key of using bootable pendrive is to cut the cost of CD/DVD

Also, to use Bootable pendrive, tap F8 or F12 after starting computer and change boot option to “USB HDD” or something similar depending upon your computer configuration and save changes. Thats all.

Impress your friends, colleagues, boss with this new technology.


Cost : $10 only (early bird launch)

Skype id: mailharsha08

whatsapp +91 9605799514


Other payment methods : Paytm and bank transfer accepted.

Note : Price will hike, after few hours without notice. Secure this deal, by taking advantage of early bird launch.

After payment, wait for few hours, I will email the link to access members area with unique password.

I am always available on skype and whatsapp calls, and you can ping me, if appropriate.

Terms and conditions:

  1. I have reviewed this course by top experts, and they acknowledged that, it is top notch and all information accessible in 1 place. 
  2. Just go through the video tutorials, once, twice, thrice and you will be a master of this technology (Don’t be lazy). No refunds please. the demo video explains clearly what this course is all about. 
  3.  You can reach me on skype and whatsapp if appropriate. I believe in relationships. Thanks.

Popularity and seo boosting services (for facebook, twitter and youtube)

These popularity and seo boosting services are unique and in big demand in marketplaces worldwide.
I am offering these services now. You can contact me directly on skype and whatsapp, in case if you have
any questions. No obligations!!

Boost popularity
SEO benefits
Probaility of viral for right service or product (audience matters)
Get your offer in front of laser targeted prospects, using these platforms. 

1.Facebook 5000 video views.

This service is in big demand.
This will boost your seo ranking inside facebook search results.
It connects with laser targeted people, searching on facebook.
Nobody is doing this and this is the right time to jump in.

Each starts with $25
Delivery time; 2 to 3 days, after order.

2.Twitter 3000 retweets or favorites

Twitter is used by media and top influencers all over the world.
Get noticed by them and even bring your tweet to higher search results, with this service. There is a probability to go viral for right services. Audience matters. You are welcome to have  a talk with me, if interested.

Each starts with $25
Delivery time; 2 to 3 days, after order.

3. Youtube comments service (in big demand)
1. All account have profile picture.
2. all account have real name.
3. all account have cover photo
4. all account are usa named.

I can put custom comments if you want. i put all  positive comments on your videos.

for 30 comments –> $25
for 100 comments –> $50
for 200 comments –> $100

Each starts with $25
Delivery time; 2 to 3 days, after order.


Whatsapp/phone +91 7736569514

Skype id: mailharsha08




Consulting and freelancer services

1. Configure facebook ads, twitter ads, youtube ads,
google adwords text ads, display ads, email ads, native ads,
media ads, reddit ads, stumbleupon ads, instagram ads, pinterest ads and more. (optimising ads to the core) flyers,brochures, graphics, logo,graphics for websites and personal use,discount coupons, letterhead,
visiting card graphics and more.

3. Help clients to get newsworthy content listed in top media outlets. (online media)

4. Design websites,blogs,forums and online stores.

5. Integrate payment gateways (Indian and international
payment gateways)

6. Install and configure ecommerce stores. Woocommerce,
shopify stores and more (can fix known issues and more)

7.Wordpress – fix known issues and troubleshooting.

8. Caching website and increase page load time, optimising and more.

9. Perform SEO and local seo. (analysis done and given estimate or quote)

10. Local seo services –> design website for local business,
google places local listing, yahoo places, bing, tripadvisor,
list in available b2b and b2c directories.Local citations and authority backlinks and signals.
11. Video seo (top service provider worldwide)
Bring client video top in google and youtube searches.
Consulting service provided to get more views, likes, subscribers and comments. We configure instream ads and
video discovery ads on google and youtube networks.

12. PPC campaigns services for top platforms (facebook is the best bet)

13. Organise small time artists worldwide with different accents and languages to speak about your products and services. Voiceover services also provided. We also create screen recorder videos on your behalf for your product/services or business, design animation videos, whiteboard videos, american/european video spokesperson videos and more. (top service provider)

14. Draft press releases and send multimedia content to top media outlets.
(contact me for more)

15.Do analysis on google trends, do keyword research and analysis of international
markets to promote specific business, product or services .
(I can give you analysis of ecommerce products that sell 100% on any specific countries.
Increase stakes for these products. contact me for same.)

16. Organise webinars for clients products and services. (all solutions)

17.Distribute flyers and brochures, billboard booking in foreign countries (selected countries
only. Contact me for same.) We can also design your text and display ads in newspapers, magazines and more.
(ad rate card)

18. Contact and help clients, business and talents which have high marketing potential and newsworthy content
to get possible media opportunities (Confidential PR campaigns. Contact me to know more. Majority of them are from
US,UK,canada and Australia media outlets and other european countries in the list)
19. Help client to get more social signals and followers organically in popular platforms like
facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and more.

20. Prepare image banners, infographics, relevant to product, service or business to share it on
facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, skype, websites, blogs and more.

21. design info products and launching it, ebooks, audio/video tutorials, screencast videos, animation videos, whiteboard videos,
Video spokesperson videos and more.

22. book publishing service (international. should be approved by our panel)

23. Get CD, DVDs and albums published in international markets.(for independant artist)

24. Do Google seo, to get natural and organic clicks from search engines

25. Coach clients on how to run ads, email marketing, design websites or more. I have configured a lot of facebook ads
for my clients and facebook is the king of advertising)

26. Get insights of competation, using special softwares for facebook and more.

27. Need a software. We can help it designed. I am a small time developer and I have designed and launched few scripts and bots
which can bring leads for any industry. (few exceptions. we need to know whether the details mentioned or your idea, or
all features will work in first place. Big checklist in this industry. Contact me for more.)

28. Viral marketing for certain products, services and business (curated content only)
(Top service provider. Contact me for more info. Big checklist here too)

29. Influencer services for facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, pinterest (for all social media platforms)

30.Get content removed from google search like links, images, certain posts, pages, websites . I have a team, who are well connected with ISP and hosting companies worldwide. We can help you to remove any inappropriate videos,content, links, images from google search. (This is a big topic and we provide lot of
consulting services in this area. Contact me for the same.)

31. install SSL certificate, coach about digital signatures and more, DMAC questions and more.

32. configure business email/domain specific email /professional email for your brand.

33. Online reputation management services (confidential) landing pages, sales pages, marketing pages, custom website or webpage, facebook fanpages and draw neccessary traffic, twitter, youtube, instagram design headers and layouts, manage new accounts with visual and graphical content, design memes for brand, create mobile responsive theme/website and optimise them.

35.Email marketing server setup (coach client about standard email rules, can spam act 2003, single/double optin requirements and more) Note: Email marketing and electronic messages law are different for many countries. It is good to know this in advance.

36.Install and configure google analytics to track real time website traffic and email.

37. configure push notifications,security plugins, design email template,configure autoresponders like getresponse, mailchimp,aweber and more. (block certain people, location or country from viewing your website)

38. 1:1 coaching on teamviewer or skype on how to run campaigns on google adwords, text abd display ads, email ads, video ads, mobile app ads, native ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, pinterest ads, instagram ads, and also place ads in top online media or news websites.

39. Decide whether to go for shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, bandwidth, disk usage and resources needed are okay. Will help you to setup a dedicated server/ vps hosted website.
Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514


Note: For all services listed here, you need to have a conversation with me on phone, skype or whatsapp voice call
and then move forward, if it suits your requirement. No texting, chatting. Serious voice calls only.We provide a lot of services and most of them are not included in the list. Contact me directly, if you need to get things done.



Troubleshooting and consulting services

Troubleshooting and consulting services


If you are an internet user, you may encounter
many issues, where you need insights and answers to your
questions in real time. (Voice calls)

During my interaction with my clients, they desperately
used these services in way or the other from me or from other agencies.
Perhaps this knowledge can also help you or your friend in distress.Be calm, relaxed. we are there to lend a helping hand and look after the issues. Bookmark this page

and email it or share it on social media if appropriate.

No matter, where you live in the world, you may encounter any of these in some part of your life and you will be clueless about it.
Bookmark this website with your own headline, so that you will be able to navigate it instantly in times of need.

Note: I am not an expert, but I do have a lot of experience in this area and would like to help others for a small fee,
if they need it.Ask me for charges too. I have built a good relationship with few ISP and hosting companies and experts
worldwide and can help you to fix it.

Communication: No texting/chatting.
Direct voice calls on phone/whatsapp/skype, google/facebook voice calls only.
Skype with voice/video call is most preferred.
Email is okay, but voice call is better for instant responses.

Rock star customer service on voice calls in real time.
(this works for both)

Payment: Payoneer, skrill.
Other payment methods, please contact me.

Real life Case scenarios. (real questions desperate clients asked me.)

1. My hosting got suspended/ terminated, without notice. Can you explain why?

2. My smtp server to send emails got blacklisted, received too many spam complaints, email server not accessible,
email hosting completely shut down. Can you give me answers? my autoresponder provider, just shut down my account.
He is not explaining the reason. Why?

3. I got a notice from ISP company. what is that?

4. I got a notice from hosting provider. what is that?

5. We got a notice from an agency. what can be done now?

6. I need to remove my images, content, google places listing
and webpages linking to me or my business from google.
Can you help me?

7. Someone is trying to hack my facebook, twitter, youtube, email and other accounts.
Please help me. what can be done?

8. My facebook, twitter youtube account and others or any one of these accounts got suspended. can I know why?

9.Someone is defaming/ sabotaging my reputation on internet. Things are going nasty.
Can you help me? what can be done?

10. My youtube account got terminated. why? Is recovery possible?
I got community guidelines strike on youtube. why?
Nasty comments on youtube? what can be done now?

11. My cc/vcc or bank account or online payment gateways
got hacked and got many suspicious transactions through sms or email. what can be done now?

12. My facebook/twitter/youtube and other accounts got restricted. why?

13.My mobile phone, with lot of personal info, banking details, SSN and private info got stolen or I lost it.
what can be done now? Is my data compromised?

14. Somebody is remotely hacking my computer and I could feel it like mouse moving on its own, computer shut down without notice, many weird popups or malware
redirecting me to certain weird websites or to purchase something? Despite many efforts, it just doesn’t go away. Can you help me in this?

15. The private info, images, emails, videos of my friend has leaked online and he/she is annoyed or depressed. Can you help me
to take them down? They are embrassed and dont want to deal with sheriff or other agencies, but prefer a offshore person,
who can help them in this crisis, so that the issue gets resolved soon. Please can you do something immediately?


Yes. We have built a good relationship with ISP, hosting companies and experts worldwide. As soon as we send a first note, email or notification
explaining the gravity of situation, be it content or image hosting sites, video or adult hosting sites, just provide us the links or URL
which you would like to be removed from the internet.You could also provide us the keywords, linking to such content, and we can track it and get it removed. (small

extra fee)
Most of the ISPs and hosting companies worldwide and agencies, will honor our requests and will take it down immediately. We can understand how stressful that

situation is, and can get things done, say in few hours,24 hours and sometimes 3 to 5 days maximum.
Just in case, if that particular provider,ISP or hosting, doesnt not honor our first request.
In this case, we use certain infleuncers and higher authorities discreetly to get things done.( We will update you with the proceedings on daily basis. dont worry)

My record time once for a client facing similar issue, is 2 hours. we removed all bad content from internet with the help of ISPs and hosting companies.
Delay is quite natural. In some cases, a manual person or moderator should take it down from their end or approve our request.
Leave this job to us, and we will look after the rest.

16. I got a threatening email, blackmail, phishing. Got abused and harassed on facebook, twitter, youtube and other platforms.
what can be done now?
bullied on facebook, skype, twitter and other platforms. what can be done now?

17. Somebody has copied my content and hosted into their website, without any changes. It is matching 100%.
I want to get it removed. what can be done now?

18.Copyright questions (all categories)

19. My hosting shut down my account. I dont have backup. what can be done now?

20. My ISP cancelled my subscription, without notice. what can be done now?

21. I want to deindex my old website, which I have dropped from google. It is showing 404 error or content is outdated.
what can be done now?

23. Any website/domain/hosting/ISP related questions welcome. Remember I am not an expert in certain areas. In that case, I will try
my best to help you.

24. Email marketing/ISP and hosting laws in different countries for hosting certain services.

25. My hosting account gets shut down frequently? say within 3 months and I keep on moving with different hosting?
why? Can you help me? hacked/DDos and other questions.

27. my website or server crashes frequently and i need to fix it manually everytime. Can you help me?

28.Website/server/ email uptime/downtime issues? can you help me?
29. Network outage, somebody is consuming my bandwidth, resources and other issues?

30. After a month I am moving to a country, where internet is censored 50% and I cant access facebook, twitter, youtube and my favorite
websites in that country. I need it badly and I cant leave without it. can you help me on this?

Note: The above questions are real life questions asked by my clients.I will add many other case scenarios in the list, if any.
Will update it soon, if I get any other new questions.

Contact me directly on voice calls. We can have a discussion. I can help you for a small fee. Depending upon the situation
and service, I may charge a small fee upfront to get things done. If you are okay with it, fine we can proceed to
get the issue resolved.

Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514


Country: India

Note: We will provide you the physical address, if appropriate.