Local seo revolution and benefits

Local seo revolution and benefits:

There is a big change happening in all parts of the globe.
The way people live, interact and communicate has changed. People are hooked with internet and most of the time, they are surfing google, youtube and facebook for relelant info. Business of any nature, need the services of local seo expert.

local seo consultant

Mobile devices have become very dominant nowadays.
70% internet searches happen through mobile devices and only 30% are desktop searches. Local seo expert can help you to provide a new advertising opportunity, a new channel of customers, depending upon your nature of business.

In that, 2 out of 5 searches are about people looking for local business.
People are looking for services like restaurant, plumber, electrician, lawyer, doctor and many profiles through google search. The business listed in top 7 pack in google search gets the lion share of visitors and they get deals, enquiries and secure contracts, because they are in top page of google. Your store or shop,business visibility is a must in today’s internet age. People are looking to buy products or services, through internet.

Have no time and technical expertise, on how to do this? Is it complicated for you? Don’t worry local seo expert can do this on your behalf, for a specific fee. We will do an analysis and explain briefly, what can be done, before starting with the project.
Already have a business and everything listed on internet? That’s great!! Local seo expert can help you to rank even better. Even change the look of the website, or revive them to showcase your products or services. Its like a virtual showroom or a sales guy communicating with the your prospects or your new customers 24/7 and 365 days on your behalf.

local seo consultant india 

Depending upon the nature of your business, these stakes, will bring more leads and customers. We can even include professional videos of your products or services for maximum engagement. It’s better to have a highly responsive website, than your competation. This is what makes your prospects tick, for a buying decision.
Local seo expert can help you to get your business listed on google and all the possible local directories called citations to boost the ranking. However, there are some highly competative niches, where competation is very severe in local search or for a search phrase, say for ex: hotel, tourism.

local seo consultant kerala

These are the guys, with very big SEO budgets, and things change over time.

A large number of people are using internet, to search local business, compared to traditional mediums like newspaper, magazines, yellow pages and more.
The best example for this trend is, when you commute on train, bus, see the number of people surfing with mobile handset.

You are missing a big deal of business, if you are not visible in local search, and simply throwing lot of money on the table, to your competitors.

Right now, google is giving lot of importance to local business. Google wants to display the exact business, what the customer is looking for, based on relevant business, reviews, proximity, and website ranking factors. Local seo expert, can do this job on your behalf.
In a big city, business like lawyer,doctor,dentist,plumbers, electricians, beauty parlour and more have made a fortune, just because their business is visible on google local search. This is the most in demand business, in the world now.

Customers are looking for different products or services using internet. Local seo expert knows, what these keyword phrases are.How optimised the website is, for the local searches is also very important. Right now, google is also giving lot of importance to local website ranking factors.I am also a professional web designer and can also give a custom quote for the same.

Note: Please don’t let the hungry customers very eager to buy your products or services slip by, or by default your competitor gets the lions share of deals from internet, just because your business is not listed on local searches.

Contact details.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 7736569514

Email id: savior@inbizsoftware.com


Email marketing and unlimited smtp server services (Old beast is still popular)


Email magician 

Email magician

email magician

Basic email server setup. (special offer)

Cheap and affordable for starters. Contact me directly to know more. (24/7)

Ping me on whatsapp for fast responses.

Whatsapp/ phone +91 9605799514

Rs 3500 only

Renewal : Rs 1200 only (attract markets)


I have 3 options for you. Choose the one, which suits for you.

  1.  Credit based emails (You need to provide me a domain name or I will buy a domain name to host email.) Delivery time: within 24 hours.           Contact me directly if interested.


2. Unlimited smtp server for email marketing available.

You have full power and control with unlimited smtp server. The old beast is still powerful. No restrictions and limitations. (Help you with setup, if newbie)

You can send 100K emails per day and more, depending upon plan. Delivery time: within 24 hours. Valid for 1 month and you can continue if appropriate.

Also any concerns about pricing or any other questions welcome.  Contact me directly if interested.


3. Email authority jacker: I have launched a new course on internet, where you can laser target prospects without email database and smtp server.  Have a look.

The video course demonstrates, how any newbie can become  a superstar overnight, by leveraging the power of email ads for entrepreneurs and small business owners.



Whatsapp/ phone +919605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email id: savior@inbizsoftware.com


Email marketing punter. Dedicated Smtp server to send unlimited emails. Skyrocket popularity!


  1. Do you know that email marketing is the cheapest and reliable option to advertise products and services online.
  2. In USA alone, every $1 spent on email marketing, brings $40 in profits. However, it also depends upon the product or service.
  3. With The rising cost of PPC ads, managers, social media, businesses like you are looking for new method to generate leads.
  4. Email marketing is a big bet. I will help you to get started. I have done business with many fortune 500 companies. I will create dedicated smtp server for you, and also walkover with steps to get started.
  5. Skyrocket your business with email marketing.

We have plans with various prices. (no commitment, cancel after month)


  1. Starter plan –> $60 per month  
  2. medium business –> $120 per month
  3. Large corporations –> $250 per month.

Also visit https://inbizsoftware.com/smtpserver.html

Note: Voice calls on skype and whatsapp are very important to know how to use it correctly. 


Contact details:

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email: info@inbizsoftware.com


Protect your web assets from hackers and bad guys

Protect your web assets from hackers and bad guys


In the past 3 years, there is an increase in websites getting hacked, all data erased, malicious software and scripts installed, gmail and youtube account hacked and all videos, channels, views, subscribers lost
overnight. Email accounts are hacked frequently. Hosting account, payment gateways, domain account, cloud storage accounts getting hacked are very common.

Most in demand service worldwide. (secure web assets from bad guys)

I will configure multiple layers of authentication, so only you can access it. So that hackers cannot takeaway your account, even though they have the password. Security of web assets is a serious person.
You don’t want to wake up someday and find that, your email, youtube, websites are hacked. Adding additional authentication, can make it very difficult for hackers to takeover your account.

Note: you need to come on skype and remote control software, to perform authentication remotely, in less than 3 to 5 minutes. you can also provide me the account details, so that I will configure security from
my end. Cost of 1 account layers of authentication is $5. However, we can have a talk about this.

Contact details.
Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514
Skype id: mailharsha08
Email: info@inbizsoftware.com

If you are a business person, VIP, a celebrity, ecommerce store owner, blogger, student whatever, your accounts may get hacked for any reason. Website is the face of internet and that is the reasons, websites
are hacked more frequently. Reason can be competation, rival issues, activism, brand image damage, account shutdown so there is lack of productivity for few days. Taking frequent and upto date backups is the key.
However, don’t compromise on web assets. A lot of my clients have lost everything overnight, all data lost.

I can help you to add simple multiple layers of authentication, to all your web assets.

So most important web assets are email accounts like gmail, youtube channel, dropbox and cloud storage, domain account, hosting account and cms account like wordpress, paypal, password manager accounts, remote
connection authentication.

Contact details.
Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514
Skype id: mailharsha08
Email: info@inbizsoftware.com

So, why should we use this service from you?

1. All your accounts never gets locked out, due to you missing the key. (big problem) we will generate alternate keys for recovery for all accounts in advance, when we set it up for you. (unique service)

Note: If account gets locked out, you need to contact each service provider manually, which is time consuming and may take days to get response. We have instant 1 click solution.

2.We provide you with instant recovery backup option, incase your smartphone or laptop gets lost. All your accounts will be instantly recovered, with 1 click.  Contact me to know more.

We provide multiple layers of authentication for the following accounts.
Instagram, Amazon, Kickstarter, Fidelity Investments, Apple iTunes
Dashlane, Snapchat, Yahoo,Outlook,Google Gmail,Apple,Twitter,Facebook

Backup and Sync
aerofx, icloud, backblaze,box,carbonite, dropbox, evernote, google drive, nedrive, revert, tresorit, yandex.disk, zetta.net

Ally bank, Bank of america, Barclays, Chase, discover, Fairwinds, HSBC, Natwest Uk, SEB, Turbo tax, USAA, Wells fargo, Wisebanyan

Cloud computing
Amazon web services, Clio, cloud 66, cloud.ca, Google cloud platform, Heroku, Leaseweb, Linode, Microsoft Azure, Packet, Rackspace Scalr


Basecamp, Campfire, Mailchimp, Office 365, Salesforce, Sendgrid, Skype, Slack, Trello


Bitbay, Bitcoin-central, Bitgo, Bitstamp, Blockchain, BTC-e.com, Coinapult,
Coinbase, Justcoin Exchange, LocalBitcoins, WeMineLTC


Aha! Codeanywhere, Github, Launchpad, Looker


Cloudflare, Directnic, DNS made easy, Domeny.tv, Dyn, Dynadot, easyDNS, Gandi, Godaddy,
Hover, Internet.bs, InterNetworX, Metaname, Name.com, Namecheap




AOL, Fastmail, Google Gmail, Hushmail, Mandrill, Outlook, Pobox, Posteo, Yahoo, Zimbra, Zoho




Blizzard, Enjin, Eve, GOG.com, Guild Wars 2, Origin, Runescape, Sony Playstation Network, Square Enix, Star wars: The Old Republic, Steam, Tibia, Trion Worlds, Ubisoft Uplay, Xbox live


US Social Security Administration


FollowMyHealth, Google Fit, HealthVault


DigitalOcean, Dreamhost, MaxCDN, NearlyFreeSpeech.NET, Rackspace,RamNode, Softlayer

Identity Management

Bitium, Clavid, Dashlane, Keeper, LastPass, Monkey Box, MyDigipass.com, Okta, OneLogin


E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, Interactive Brokers, Motif Investing, OptionsHouse, Vanguard


Google Fiber, If This Then That, Kickstarter, Ting


Buycraft, Dwolla, Google Wallet, PayPal, PushCoin, Quickfile, Skrill, Square, Stripe, Venmo, Viewpost

Remote access

Amazon AWS WorkSpaces, LogMeIn, TeamViewer


Amazon, Apple, Apple (iOS9 and OS X El Capitan), Apple iTunes, Etsy, Google Play


Cobalt, Dome9 Security, Norton, OpenDNS, SSLTrust, Synology

Social Media

App.net, Bitly, Buffer, Facebook, Google Plus, Hootsuite, Instagram, LinkedIn
Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, VK, WordPress

Animation videos for business for cheap dirt prices.

Difficult to read email, View in browser

Animation videos for business for cheap dirt prices. 
New animation trends are emerging worldwide. if you are a business owner, have a product or service to sell this is a must have service to stay ahead of the competation.

[bar id=”434″]

I can create 30 sec, 60 sec to 90 sec videos for your business, product or service.
Animation videos are a big craze worldwide, and people have short attention span of 90 sec.
If your video can’t give an idea about what your business, product or service is about, you are losing lot of prospects and customers, leaving lot of money on the table.


Animation video should be like a story, what your product/service is about, how it solves a particular problem and a call to action at the end like
a phone call, visit to website, meet at location, signup and more. It is tested and proven for many products/services to get more traffic, sales and conversions.

Facebook ads, youtube ads, instagram ads, twitter ads have higher conversions on videos  depending upon the product or service.  They will reject all other kinds of videos most of the times,
wasting lot of time on testing and trail and error. But the approve animation ads straightaway, provided it is not restricted or in prohibited category.

Now, the big problem?
Animation videos are very expensive right? It costs $250 to $1000 for just 60 sec video. Hold on!
We can create animation videos for as low as $25 or more and still compete with big players. Your competation is using lot of animation videos to capture the audience.
They have spent thousands of dollars to acheive this.  Cost varies depending upon the animations, characters involved, visual elements, length of video and other factors.

I suggest to have a minimum of 3 set of different animation videos to stay ahead of the competation. You should post these animation videos on facebook, twitter, instagram, google groups for maximum
reach and engagement. Run ads on a budget you can afford for maximum reach and leads. (optional) Few sample videos

[bar id=”434″]

Animation videos can be in the category of product/service introduction with rich graphical and visual elements, infograhics, marketing videos, announcements, we are hiring, rentals, describe any service/product,
company report, company announcement, what your company is about, wedding, life events, friendship, valentines day, indepandance day, discount, offers, coupons videos, male/female explainer videos,
sales report, company acheivements, restaurants, new shop opening and many categories.  Please contact me for more information.

Just contact me and tell me about your business,product or service and I can create a beautiful animation videos in few hours, sometimes less than an hour or minutes,
depending upon the project.

We can also create whiteboard videos, explainer videos, live junior artist videos by both male/female artists across globe. The cost varies depending upon the project.

Contact details.

Whatsapp phone +91 9605799514

Email : savior@inbizsoftware.com

Skype id: mailharsha08 (type message in skype invitation as ” animation or graphic videos”  to accept invitation fast)

Graphic designing services ( to stay ahead from your competitors)

All kinds of Presentation, poster, facebook cover,facebook post, instagram post, A4 document, card,
Twitter post, square social media graphic, Pinterest graphic, facebook app, Tumblr graphic,
Letterhead, Magazine cover, US letter document, Certificate designs, Letter, Yearbook, Book cover,
Desktop wallpaper, Wattpad book cover, photo collage, blog banner, CD album cover, Infographics,
Poster, Menu, Flyer, Logo, Brochure, Gift certificate, Visiting card, Label, postcard, invitation design, announcements,
tag, program.

Ads category
Facebook ad, Wide skyscraper ad, large rectangle ad, Leaderboard ad

Contact details.

Whatsapp phone +91 9605799514

Email : savior@inbizsoftware.com

Skype id: mailharsha08 (type message in skype invitation as ” animation or graphic videos”  to accept invitation fast)



Viral animated images power (attract leads and prospects)

Have issues, viewing this email. Then view in browser

Animated images, are tested and proven ways to get new leads, customers or enquiries for your business. It’s just irrestible. It has higher probability to get likes, clicks to website links, shares.

You can share this animated images on facebook, twitter, pinterest, whatsapp, popular mobile messengers, reddit, inside email and other popular social media networks.

We suggest to brand these animated images, with your phone number/ company name/website url to get maximum potential reach.

I personally use twitter and whatsapp to get maximum viral reach.

I have 1 million+ animated images for all possible niches/industry. Niches can be tourism/leads/social media/real estate/local business/doctor/plumber/ or any service based business.

Popular package:

$10 for 3 animated images in any industry or niche. 

$25 for 10 animated images. (popular among my clients). You can rotate this images on social media/whatsapp on daily basis. 

Information needed to get started:

  1. Name of industry/niche (plumber/doctor/internet consultant)
  2. what do I need to put on animated images? Ex: Company name/website url/phone number.

Send this details to my email address: savior@inbizsoftware.com

If in doubt,please contact me directly on voice call before order.

No chatting/typing. Voice calls only, due to lot of orders.

Delivery time: 2 hours to 10 hours (depending upon queue)

Contact details:

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Email id: savior@inbizsoftware.com


Few of popular viral animated images. (note: we have no control over results. It depends upon the way, you promote on social media.)

These animated images, brought me lot of enquiries, leads, sales, new prospects. Just  a few examples, of how powerful they are, if done correctly.

email mrketing
email mrketing.

how to create own software
how to create own software







12 reasons for brands to use GIFs in content marketing

custom email address + master email account + employee emails

Have issues, viewing this email. Then view in browser

 email mrketing
email marketing

  1. Create domain email address for existing website. $12 only Ex: name@domain.com We use this to send/receive emails. Your customer or prospects trust domain based emails, than free services like yahoo/hotmail/gmail.

2. Email forwarding services.

Have lot of email address? Will it be good, if all other email accounts like gmail, yahoo, hotmail or other domain based emails, forwarded to a single email, so that it is easy to manage, instead of checking, each emails manually. Very popular and in demand service.  Cost $10 only (for single email forward, base fee)

for each extra emails, cost $2 each.


3. Create multiple domain based emails for your company/employees.

Ex: There are 3 persons in a company. tom, harry, linda

The emails, will be like tom@domain.com, harry@domain.com, linda@domain.com.

Each user will get an option to change the password. This domain based emails, look professional for your employees and increases visibility and awareness of the brand, due to its usage. It increases trust, because the email itself is coming from trustworthy domain/company.  (popular service)

The email service, looks exactly as shown in the video.


Other services:

We also provide bulk email marketing and newsletter designing services. We will create a high end email server like fortune 500 companies, for a small fee.

Contact me directly to know more.

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08





Website data recovery service + clone any website (80% success rate)

  1. I have developed a special software (underground), which can crawl all the data from expired websites. I want to keep this top secret. So far, I am having 80% success rate.

website data recovery service
website data recovery service

So, how this will help you?
Possible Scenarios

1. Domain expired and failed to renew it
2. No data backup and can’t restore it.
3. Change of mind and client wants the website up and running,after few months
but has no backup to restore website (dont need old domain)
4. Site infected by virus, malware, hacked and all data lost (no backup situation)
5. DDOS or competitor attack and site is down.

So, how can you help me? (assuming you have no backup to restore)

1. First let me know the name of website affected. My special software can extract all the webpages, data in seconds (its like magic)
So far, I am doing this for top clients and agencies, who are desperate, depressed. The moment, I restore all the data using this magic, they are very elated, excited, joy and have no words to thank me.  (note 80% success rate)
There are few exceptions for certain website. (rare cases)
It doesn’t matter you have dropped the website 5 yrs and even 10 yrs old.
My magic software, can extract all the data, like a brand new site.

If my software detects it, I will notify you within few minutes and it will crawl all over internet and magically restores your website, like a brand new one.  People will pay you anything for this. Say I cam even charge $500 or more for this. But I want to be very generous and this technology is god sent to increase my reputation.

$50 is reasonable price for this service (I hope, people are happy to pay that)
Anything, any questions, even pricing, we can have discussion.


Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com


2. Clone any website service (80% success rate)

Clone any website, built on any platform like html, wordpress, joomla.

You can browse these cloned websites online, download as an email attachment, upload to any website, modify and alter its elements and make it unique.

clone copy website service
clone copy website service


So how does this works?

Step 1: Just provide me the URL of the website and wait for few minutes.

I have a special software, which I have built using secret algorithms, which detects the pattern and can make a exact copy of the same one, which can be instantly hosted as a new website on a new domain.

So far, we have 80% success rate for 80% of websites on internet.

We also change the basic elements, layout, logo to make it unique. (if appropriate)

Just saw a website on internet, which caught your attention. Loved the layout, theme and want a similar copy of website to start your own business. I can help you on this. Note: 10 to 20% of websites on internet cannot be cloned for some reasons and I will let you know this immediately, say within 10 minutes.

2. What is the cost?

I would like to put the price reasonable for this service. $50 is the starting price.

Others charge $250 or more for this service. If the no of pages on a website, are less than 20 pages, it can be cloned and hosted on new domain within a hour.

Any other concerns, please let me know. We can have a talk. Also, if you are a consultant, agency you can advertise this service as your own and earn a couple of hundered dollars in the process. (service in big demand). I will look after the technical part. You don’t need to lift a finger. Just find the client or like minded people and refer me. I will look after the rest.


Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com





Top secret spy services in industry (must see)



1. Facebook ads database (in big demand worldwide)

A compilation of highly converting ads in facebook database. Most of the popular niches or categories are covered here. Have a look at the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10


Create professional facebook campaigns in few clicks,
using this special software.

No more spending hours and days finding the best variation for your ad campaign.
No need to spend money buying expensive stock photos or graphics for ads– find them FOR FREE.
Never again will you have to hire Virtual assistants, image editors, or graphics guys to make ad images.
No more working with multiple tools and sleepless nights to test best ad variations.
No need to make any HUGE investments to get results (of both time and money).
No life-draining tech or pro skills required – this is simple & easy.
No More Fear of failed Campaigns.
No More Pain of Losing Money on Testing Ad Campaigns

2. Native ads + shopify  database (in big demand worldwide)

Native ads are used for advertising in popular websites. Serious advertisors know native websites traffic is worth in gold.

Shopify is used by all modern day ecommerce owners, and using this database is similar to using a crystal ball and choose winning products in your store. Watch the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10

3. Facebook ads + instagram ads + video ads spy database (in big demand worldwide)

Facebook and instagram is used by all business owners in the world. This database will give a clear idea, what ads your competitors are promoting, the engagement, duration, targeting option, country, likes/comments/shares and more. Watch the video and contact me if interested.

1 day access = $10

Contact me directly if interested. Serious people only.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp phone +91 9605799514

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com

Facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads database spy service (top service provider worldwide)

Per day access = $10 only

Contact me directly if interested.

Every serious advertisor/marketer knows the power of facebook.
But the catch is, 95% of business owners just run an ad blindly, and hopes for the best. They end up, coughing more money for the ad and they give up.

Only 5% of the guys do the smart way. And they don’t want to share this knowledge. To determine a successful ad for facebook , requires weeks or months of trail and error and what we call it as “split testing”.

Facebook is very powerful and I personally helped my clients to sell their products or services,get email optins, fill a form for travel and luxury companies, sell real estate, cars and more.

spy facebook instagram competitor ads database
spy facebook instagram competitor ads database

Alright, what service do you provide?

I have a facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads ads database spy software (for agencies only), which can spy any ads in these database.
This is completely ethical, legal and  instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads approves it. They want business owners to invest money on ads, in their platform. That is the way, they make revenue.

This special agency software can give information like your competation ads, their landing pages, country where the ad is run, the demography, male/female, age , industry ,money spent on ads. This information is top secret. We get insights of any winning ads on facebook + instagram + video ads + shopify + native ads for any product, services or niche.

We can also get information about winning facebook video ads with the above mentioned parameters. Instagram ads are very popular and is the cheapest and quickest way to showcase products or services and get traffic to your store. Instagram video ads are also very popular.

Cost of this service: $50 for 30 minutes session on skype or teamviewer.
Please enable voice call/ audio for communication. (no texting/chatting)
Voice/Video calls only. Any concerns, we can have a discussion. Please let me know.

Alright, I am already familiar with facebook ads and I run ads frequently? How this will help me?

See database of winning and successful winning ads is very important in todays age.
Competitors use to spy on other advertisors, on what they are doing, how much money they spend on advertising, the demography and more. But with internet, the job is 100 times more easier.

I myself have run ads worth $3000 or more blindly, and coughed up a lot of money in 2 years. If I had used this service before, I could have dramatically saved a lot on facebook campaigns. You can spy successful tee spring campaigns, what other affiliates are doing, high ticket products,
which ad is getting lot of likes, shares, comments and the duration the ad is run and all insights.

We just copy our competitor success and replicate the same.
If you need any help, I can create a similar landing page they have, slightly different pixel or banners, graphics and ad copy. (for a small fee)
Your competitor have spent lot of time, money, efforts to understand the winning ad and we are just tweaking their campaigns to our benefit.

Unfair advantage!! In real world , advertising platforms like newspapers, magazines, TV ads, radio ads, brochure, flyers, word of mouth you can’t get these kind of analytics and statistics.


No wasted money
Virtually no time spent in weeks and months of spilit testing
Instantly jump right in or get on board with this secret information.
Increase the odds of winning campaigns.
Safe bet and risk worthy game.
Facebook  + instagram + video ads  allows ads less than $2 to $5 to run per day
(you can pause it, stop ad or delete ad anytime)
Too much flexibility and convenience.

Contact me directly on phone, skype and whatsapp whatever and we can schedule a session.

Whatsapp/phone +91 9605799514

Skype id: mailharsha08

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com

Social media value added services in big demand (trending worldwide)

Social media value added services in big demand  (trending worldwide)

High quality signals
Image result for gif: social media traffic

1. 3000 Worldwide YouTube views for $15
2. 1,000 USA Targeted youtube Views for $15
3. 200 youtube Video Likes $15
4. 15 Custom Comments $15
5. 5,000 Instagram Post Likes  $15
6. 5,000 Instagram Video Views  $25
7. 5,000 Facebook Video Views $25
8. 1,000 Facebook Post Likes $15
9. Custom Facebook Comments $15
10. 25 Facebook Business 5 Star Ratings  $25
11. 100 Facebook Post shares $15
12. 2,000 Worldwide twitter followers $25
13. 1,000 USA Targeted Twitter Followers $25
14. 2,000 Retweets or Favorites $25
15. 1,000 USA retweets or favorites $25

Updated services

1. 300 Real Manual Edu Backlinks $25
2. 10,000 High DA Forum Backlinks $25
3. 100 High Trust Flow Backlinks $25
4. 1,000 Manual Wiki Links $25
5. 1,000 Social Signals $25
6. 1,500 Video Embeds $25
7. 5,000 Worldwide YouTube views $25
8. 50,000 Worldwide YouTube Views $80
9. 2,000 USA Targeted Views $25
10. 200 Video Likes or Dislikes $25
11. 1,000 Video Likes $50
12. 15 Custom YouTube Comments $25
13. 5,000 Instagram Post Likes $25
14. 5,000 Instagram Video Views $25
15. 500 Instagram Story Views $25
16. 5,000 Facebook Video Views $25
17. 1,000 Facebook Post Likes $25
18. 10 Custom Facebook Comments $25
19. 25 Facebook Business 5 Star Ratings $25
20. 100 Facebook Post shares $25
21. 2,000 Worldwide twitter followers $25
22. 1,000 USA Targeted Twitter Followers $25
23. 2,000 Retweets or Favorites $25
24. 1,000 USA retweets or favorites $25


Note: Prices vary without notice, due to demand and supply and other external factors.

Delivery time: 1 to 3 days max

We accept bank transfer, payoneer, bitcoins and other payment options. Contact me directly for the same.

Skype id: mailharsha08

Whatsapp +91 9605799514

Email: savior@inbizsoftware.com

Websites: https://inbizsoftware.com

Configuration services for hire

Image result for gif: website

Web assets which bring cyclone of traffic and money making potential in long run. Most of the configuration starts $50. But these services bring money for lifetime, if monetized properly. Just drive traffic, encourage discussions, spread the word out.  You can place ads, others will pay you money to place ads on these sites, once it gets certain number of traffic.
You can also promote affiliate links and banners and  the potential is huge.

1. your own cloud website (to store all personal documents, images, documents)
Even rent others and charge monthly free for using it.
2. Link shortening services website.
3. Your own professional forums, newsboards, guestboards, bulletin boards
(Just drive traffic and place ads and you can make passive income.)
4. Your own social networking website, similar to facebook, twitter, myspace.
(easiest way to become popular and make money by monetising site with affiliate links)
5. Video sharing website like youtube.
6. Classified sites, Job portals, dating sites, directory sites
7. Image and gallery sites like picasa.
8. Intranet/Extranet website for your own office members/ colleagues/ secret friends circle
You can share documents, update case studies all in one place.
9. Your own file sharing website like rapidshare.
10. Wikipedia site
11. CMS site like wordpress
12. SEO web based automated site.
(this is a big bet. website owners will pay money for this service
everything is automated and you don’t need to lift the finger)
13. website visitor tracking service like google analytics
14. Chat room website.
15. Video chatroom/ audio/podcast /file sharing website.
16. Form  creator website for newbies.
17. Lead generation module web based for newbies (charge monthly fee for this)
18. ERP, Database, Poll/survey services website for newbies. (charge monthly fee for this)
19. Ticketing/consultation/ restaurant management website for newbies.
20. Helpdesk website like web forms/chat/email service for newbies. (charge monthly fee for this)
21. Question /Answers website like Yahoo answers, quora
22. Gaming websites like chess and 3d/2d games
23. Bulk email web based solution (with beautiful tracking reports for opens, clicks)
24. Auction websites like ebay/amazon
25. Ecommerce website and more, invoice generation services (automated) and more

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